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Father's Tears (父の涙 Chichi no Namida) is the eleventh volume of Diamond is Unbreakable and the thirty-ninth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the second half of the Sheer Heart Attack story arc and the Atom Heart Father story arc.


Author's Note


There's a mystery going on around me. Once, when I emerged from the swimming pool, a friend of mine looked at my soaking wet hair and said, "Whoa! Your hair looks just like Gokuraku-kun's," and fell over laughing. "Gokuraku-kun"? Who the heck is that? The protagonist of some famous manga or something?
I know Shinigami-kun, Enma-kun, Akuma-kun, and Jigoku-kun, but who is Gokuraku-kun? What kind of hair does he have? Later, I asked my friend about it, and this was the reply: "Oh, did I say that?"

身の回りにミステリーがある。濡れてプールから上がった時、とある友人が、ぼくの髪の毛を見て「あ! 極楽くんの髪型そっくり」と言って笑いころげた。
「極楽くん」……何者なのそいつ? 有名なマンガか何かの主人公なのか? 「死神くん」や「閻魔くん」や「悪魔くん」や「地獄くん」は知っているが「極楽くん」は誰だ? 誰なの? どんな髪型してるヤツなワケ? この間、友人に聞いたら「そんなこと言った?」と答えた。



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