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However strong they may be, these zombies do not know courage! They are just like fleas! (いくら強くてもこいつら屍生人(ゾンビ)は「勇気」を知らん!ノミと同類よォーッ!!, Ikura tsuyokute mo koitsu-ra zonbi wa 'yūki' o shiran! Nomi to dōrui yo!!)

A Zombie (屍生人(ゾンビ), Zonbi, lit. "Undead Person") is a secondary undead creature typically created by a vampire who has donned the Stone Mask.


Zombies are primarily antagonists in Phantom Blood. Those whose blood is sucked out by a vampire are infected with a vampiric extract, turning them into zombies who no longer feel pain.[1] Any organism, from living beings to long-buried corpses[2] to even amalgamated animals, can be made into a zombie. Zombies can be distinguished by their rotting stench and inhuman appearance, resulting from their bodies' continuous decay. Like vampires, they possess an insatiable thirst for blood[3] and can spread their vampiric extract by sucking others' blood; thus, zombies can multiply rapidly, to the point that creating one zombie can convert a majority of a cruise ship's occupants in mere minutes.[4] However, like vampires, zombies are beings whose natural "flow" of energy has been reversed, so sunlight and the Ripple can nullify a zombie's energy, disintegrating its body[5] and, in some cases, briefly reviving its human soul.[6]

Though their physical strength and speed are greatly enhanced, zombies typically possess none of the special powers of vampires. Some zombies, such as Adams and Doobie, hide their actual appearance through disguises and use their abilities in surprise attacks; others, like Wang Chan and Bruford, use their enhanced strength in tandem with weapons. A human with particularly strong willpower may maintain their personality as a zombie, albeit a corrupted version due to their undead form and bloodlust.[7] As a result, some zombies base their methods of attack on their lives as humans, making them unique and unpredictable.

List of Zombies

Zombies Created From Vampires


Needle Vein Strike(血管針攻撃 Kekkanshin Kōgeki)Link to this section
PJPB Vascular Needle Attack.png
Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam all share the same ability, allowing them to extend veins from the tops of their heads in the direction of their prey in order to suck their blood. If used in a careless manner, however, these appendages can become entangled.

Video Games

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Main article: Stardust Shooters ★ Zombies

The Zombie Knights appears as a character in Stardust Shooters with one N unit.

Unit Coin N.png
Unit Zombie Knights.png
Unit Frame N Black.png
SS Rarity N.png
SS Class Black.png
Corpses of knights that were revived by Dio's power.
How to Obtain
  • Friend Gacha


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