Stone Ocean - Chapter 40

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Operation Savage Garden (Head to the Courtyard!), Part 1 (サヴェジ・ガーデン作戦 (中庭へ向かえ!) その①, Saveji Gāden Sakusen (Nakaniwa e Mukae!) Sono 1), originally The Man Without Memories (記憶なき男, Kiokunaki Otoko) in the WSJ release, is the fortieth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Using the money she got from Miraschon, Jolyne pays another inmate to give her the phone and calls the Dallas, Texas branch of the Speedwagon Foundation. A representative picks up, telling her they retrieved Jotaro's body, but have found no signs of life. She tells him that she has a way to revive him, in the form of his Stand DISC; however, she cannot get the DISC out of the prison without their help.

The SPW representative tells her to get to the prison courtyard in twenty minutes with the DISC and they will be able to retrieve it. He tells her to look for "Savage Garden" in the courtyard before Jolyne hangs up. Emporio appears within a trash can in order to direct Jolyne to the courtyard. He leads her to the music room, where Weather Report is waiting. Emporio shows her a map of the prison, directing her to where she needs to go to get to the courtyard.

In order to get into the courtyard, Jolyne will have to use force. To assist her, Weather Report decides to join her. Emporio explains that Weather Report is quiet because he has no memories of anything before the prison. Weather reveals his Stand, also named Weather Report, and shows off its ability to control the weather. Doing so creates a puddle on the floor, where an enemy stalking Jolyne can clearly be seen.


Savage Garden
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Lang Rangler
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