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The Magician of Fire
(炎の魔術師 Honō no Majutsushi)

Near the Canary Islands, a strange coffin is lifted from the bottom of the sea. Some time later, a teenager named Jotaro Kujo locks himself in a Tokyo jail cell, convinced that he has been possessed by an evil spirit. At his mother Holy's request, Jotaro's grandfather Joseph Joestar visits Japan and attempts to coerce him out of his cell. When Jotaro refuses, Joseph asks his friend Muhammad Avdol to remove him by force. After the fight, Joseph explains to Jotaro that the appearance of his "evil spirit", later named Star Platinum, is caused by the Joestar family's enemy DIO, who has reawoken after a hundred years.
Secret Factor: So you got me out of the cell? (牢屋の外、してやられたというわけか)

End the fight with Jotaro outside the cell and Avdol inside.
The 21st Tarot Card (Extra)
(21番目のタロットカード 21-banme no Tarotto Kādo)

Avdol decides to tell Jotaro about his meeting with DIO in Cairo around four months ago, and the battle begins as a flashback. After the fight, Avdol runs without a second thought and manages to narrowly avoid falling under DIO's control.
Secret Factor: I didn't even think about fighting him. (戦おうなどとは考えもしなかった)

End the fight via Time Over.
Who Will Be the Judge?!
(裁くのは誰だ!? Sabaku no wa Dare da!?)

At his high schoOl, Jotaro comes across an enemy Stand user named Noriaki Kakyoin. Summoning his Stand, Hierophant Green, Kakyoin reveals that he was sent by DIO to eliminate the Joestars. After the fight, Jotaro removes a flesh bud made of DIO's cells from Kakyoin's brain, freeing him of DIO's influence. When Holy's own Stand begins to weaken her, the Joestars and their allies board a plane to Egypt in order to kill DIO.
Secret Factor: Ora-ora! My Stand will be the judge! (オラオラ裁くのは俺のスタンドだッー)

End the fight with Jotaro's Puttsun Ora super move.
DIO's Curse (Extra)
(DIOの呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)

Kakyoin remembers his meeting with DIO, who approached him and asked to test his unique ability. After the fight, DIO implanted a flesh bud into Kakyoin's brain, influencing him into pledging his undying loyalty to DIO.
Secret Factor: That's a flesh bud made of DIO's cells. (それはDIOの細胞からなる「肉の芽」)

Have Evil Incarnate DIO use his Charisma! super move.
Strange Insect Attack!
(奇虫襲撃! Kimushi Shūgeki!)

On the plane to Egypt, an enemy Stand named Tower of Gray suddenly begins ripping out the other passengers' tongues. Though the enemy proves to be faster than Jotaro's Star Platinum, Kakyoin steps up to eliminate it himself. After the fight, the Stand's user is revealed to be an old man named Gray Fly. However, Tower of Gray has already killed the pilots, causing the plane to begin crashing. As Gray Fly dies, Joseph is forced to take control of the plane, remarking that this is the third plane crash he's been in.
Secret Factor: I already extended Hierophant's tentacles... (すでに法皇の触脚がのびていたのだ)

End the fight with Kakyoin's Independent Arm super move.
The Knight's Code
(騎士のおきて Ishi no Okite)

The Joestar group arrives in Hong Kong's Tiger Balm Garden, where an enemy named Jean Pierre Polnareff challenges Avdol and predicts that his own Stand will overcome him. As the fight will take place in a wide-open space, Avdol prepares to use his Stand's full power. After the battle, Polnareff accepts his fate of burning to death, leading Avdol to deduce that Polnareff has been implanted with a flesh bud as well. Jotaro removes the flesh bud, and (to his dismay) Joseph cracks a joke.
Secret Factor: Can you dodge my Cross Fire Hurricane Special? (C・F・H・Sかわせるかッー)

End the fight with Avdol's Cross Fire Hurricane Special super move.
The Man with the Star Birthmark (Extra)
(星のアザをもつ男 Hoshi no Aza o Motsu Otoko)

Polnareff recounts his meeting with DIO one year ago. DIO offered to relieve Polnareff of the memories that were troubling him, and implanted a flesh bud within him after battling him. Polnareff was then ordered to dispose of the Joestar group.
Secret Factor: The flesh bud influenced him to side with him. (肉の芽で仲間に引き込まれていた)

Have Evil Incarnate DIO use his Charisma! super move.
A Maritime Trap?! (Adventure)
(海路のワナ!? Kairo no Wana!?)

Polnareff tells the Joestar group that he is searching for a man with two right hands, who was responsible for his sister Sherry's killing; suspecting that his target is allied with DIO, Polnareff joins the Joestar group as they board a ship to Singapore. In the middle of the voyage, a little girl is discovered to have stowed onto the ship; the girl jumps overboard to escape the sailors, but is grabbed by the underwater Stand Dark Blue Moon, forcing Jotaro to save her. When the ship's Captain Tennille appears on deck to apprehend the girl, Jotaro tricks him into revealing that he is an imposter and Dark Blue Moon's user. The fake Tennille grabs the girl and pulls her into the water; Jotaro saves her again, but is pulled underwater by Dark Blue Moon's barnacles. Though the Stand creates a whirlpool to trap Jotaro, Star Platinum extends its finger and slices its head.
Secret Factor: Seems you're the one who became sashimi. (やっぱりてめーだ刺し身になったのは)

Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.
The Empty Ship and the Ape (Mini-Game)
(無人船と猿 Mujinsen to Saru)

The group disembarks the now-captainless ship using one of the lifeboats. While at sea, they encounter and board a large freighter. The ship is devoid of life save one orangutan, whom Jotaro suspects to be a Stand user. The battle with the orangutan, Forever, plays out as a whack-a-mole-style shooting game: Forever appears at one of nine spots, and the player must shoot him and any debris he throws to win. Occasionally, the stowaway girl will appear; shooting her or being hit with debris will cause Jotaro to take damage. After the battle, the ship begins to collapse, revealed to be the orangutan's Stand, Strength. The group escapes the ship on the lifeboat they arrived in.
Secret Factor: This is a bit heavy for a little girl! (女の子にゃあきつすぎるぜ)

Complete the stage without hitting the stowaway girl.
Unleash Your Vengeance!
(恨みをぶちまけろ! Urami o Buchimakero!)

The group arrives in Singapore and checks into a hotel. Polnareff senses an enemy hiding in his room, who emerges from the room's minifridge and introduces himself as Devo the Cursed. Though Polnareff wastes no time attacking him, Devo announces that Polnareff will be cursed by his grudge, and his Stand Ebony Devil possesses a nearby doll. After the battle, Polnareff interrogates Ebony Devil about the man with two right hands; Devo refuses to respond, inciting Polnareff to slice the doll apart.
Secret Factor: I'll have to slice him up real good! (メッタやたらに突くしかねえ)

End the fight with Polnareff's Million Split special move.
The Man-Eating Temperance
(人喰いテンパランス Hitokui Tenperansu)

In the city of Singapore, Kakyoin punches Jotaro and laughs it off as a prank, leading Jotaro to suspect that something is influencing him. In an attempt to wake him up, Jotaro punches Kakyoin, only to discover that Kakyoin's form itself is a Stand ability. The enemy, Rubber Soul, reveals his true form beneath his Stand Yellow Temperance's disguise before further taunting Jotaro with his supposed good looks. After the fight, Jotaro interrogates Rubber Soul, who reveals that four more Stand users are after the group: Death Thirteen, Empress, Hanged Man, and Emperor. Jotaro turns to leave and tell Polnareff, but Rubber Soul attacks from behind; unfazed, Jotaro pummels him and knocks him out.
Secret Factor: Rero rero rero rero rero... (レロレロレロレロレロレロ)

Have Rubber Soul perform a taunt.
The Wandering Emperor
(さすらいの皇帝(エンペラー) Sasurai no Enperā)

The group arrives at Calcutta, where Polnareff is challenged by gunslinger Hol Horse. As Hol Horse fires at him, Polnareff summons his Stand Silver Chariot to cut the bullet, only to watch as it dodges his sword: in actuality, Hol Horse's gun and bullets are part of his Stand, Emperor. Avdol arrives in the nick of time and knocks Polnareff out of the bullet's path, but another Stand appears in the reflection of the puddle beneath him, distracting him and Polnareff long enough for the bullet to enter his forehead. As Kakyoin arrives on the scene, Hol Horse and the reflection Stand, Hanged Man, taunt a distraught Polnareff, who realizes that the latter Stand belongs to the man who murdered his sister. After the fight, Kakyoin and Polnareff track down Hanged Man's user, J. Geil. J. Geil hides Hanged Man in the eyes of a crowd of people to attack. However, Kakyoin throws a coin in the air, allowing Polnareff to split the Stand apart as it travels to its destination. With J. Geil defenseless, Polnareff seizes the opportunity to slice him up. J. Geil's body lands upside-down on a nearby fence; as Kakyoin points out, he is now a hanged man himself.
Secret Factor: Bastard! You're running away?! (野郎!逃げる気かッ)

End the fight via Time Over.
Leeching Off a Parent's Arm! (Adventure)
(親の腕かじり! Oya no Ude Kajiri!)

After defeating J. Geil, the group heads for Benares, where Joseph sees a doctor regarding a strange lump on his arm. The doctor attempts to remove Joseph's arm to prevent further infection, but is instead cut up himself. The lump, speaking aloud, reveals itself to be the Stand Empress, which has bonded itself to Joseph's arm. When a nurse comes in to check on the doctor, Empress confesses to the murder, causing the nurse to believe Joseph did the deed. Now wanted by the police, Joseph runs desperately through the city in search of a way to defeat Empress, which is steadily growing in size and assuming a humanoid form. Joseph eventually finds a barrel of coal tar, which he dips his arm into; though the tar fails to suffocate Empress, it succeeds in hardening the Stand. After revealing that he created a map of the city with his Stand Hermit Purple, Joseph uses his Stand to slice Empress apart.
Secret Factor: Next you'll say, "Stop! Anything but that!" (おまえは「やめてそれだけは」という)

Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.
Passing Towards Death (Adventure)
(死への追い越し Shi e no Oikoshi)

On a mountain road to Delhi, a car passes the Joestar group and blocks their way. When the unseen driver of the car signals them to go ahead, the group is nearly hit by a truck. The group pursues the car down a dead-end cliffside path, but the car appears behind them and tries to push their own car off a cliff. Luckily, Kakyoin is able to grab the car's wire-winch, throwing the enemy car off the cliff while saving their own. The car reforms itself and begins driving up the cliff; the driver, ZZ, reveals his car to be a Stand named Wheel of Fortune. The car spills gasoline on Jotaro, which ZZ ignites with an electric spark. Though he seemingly burns to death, Jotaro manages to dig a tunnel and leave his coat to burn as a decoy. Jotaro pummels Wheel of Fortune, knocking ZZ out of his vehicle and revealing him to be a scrawny man with muscular arms.
Secret Factor: A road is something you have to carve out yourself. (道というものは自分で切り開くものだ)

Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.
The Puppeteering Justice (Mini-Game)
(あやつり正義(ジャスティス) Ayatsuri Jasutisu)

The Joestar group arrives at Multan, where they check into a hotel run by an elderly woman. Soon after, Polnareff goes missing. Jotaro confronts the hotel's owner over Polnareff's disappearance; when she refers to him by his real name, Jotaro reveals that he signed the hotel's guest book with a fake name, outing her as an enemy. The hotel owner, Enya Geil, reveals her mist-controlling Stand Justice, which has already possessed the town's inhabitants. The fight with Enya plays out as an altered version of the normal battle system: the player, as Jotaro, must face an endless horde of Justice's zombies. After defeating thirty of her minions, Enya herself will appear and begin attacking with Justice; depleting Enya's health ends the mini-game. After the battle, Jotaro announces his intention to finish off Enya before she can take another breath. Enya attempts to prove him wrong, but finds she cannot exhale; Star Platinum is inhaling her Stand, soon causing her to pass out.
Secret Factor: Ora-ora-ora-ora-ora! (おらおらおらおらおらおらあっ)
Clear the stage with 100,000 points:

  • 100 points are awarded for each enemy defeated. For each enemy defeated without taking damage, this bonus increases by 100 points; if the player is damaged, this combo bonus resets to 100 points.
  • 5000 points multiplied by the player's combo are awarded for defeating Enya and clearing the stage.
The Terrifying Lovers (Mini-Game)
(恐ろしき恋人 Osoroshiki Koibito)

The group travels to Karachi. An enemy Stand, Lovers, infiltrates Joseph's body, forcing Kakyoin and Polnareff to shrink their own Stands and fight it from the inside. The fight against Lovers takes the form of a sidescrolling shooting game. Silver Chariot can be used to directly attack obstacles in all directions, while Hierophant Green can shoot Emerald Splash in front of itself and use its tentacles to draw shapes that attack any obstacles within them. Power-ups that increase Chariot's range and the power of Hierophant's Emerald Splash can be obtained from defeated enemies. After the battle, Jotaro finds Lovers's user, Steely Dan. Steely Dan withdraws his Stand and begs for forgiveness, and Jotaro promises that if they meet again he'll be on the receiving end of a beatdown. As soon as Jotaro turns his back, however, Steely Dan pulls out a knife, only to find that he cannot move; Kakyoin has tied Hierophant's tentacle around Lovers, paralyzing it. Steely Dan offers Jotaro the down payment DIO hired him with, but Jotaro refuses the offer and delivers the promised beatdown, incapacitating him.
Secret Factor: You don't know your enemy very well, do you? (おまえは敵を知らなすぎたようだな)
Clear the stage with 120,000 points:

  • 100 points are awarded for destroying an enemy.
  • 300 points are awarded for destroying a tentacle.
  • 500 points are awarded for destroying a false Hierophant Green.
  • 500 points are awarded whenever a power-up appears or is collected.
  • 5000 points are awarded for defeating each of the two giant Lovers.
  • 1000 points are awarded for destroying one of the Lovers's giant tentacles.
  • 10000 points are awarded for clearing the stage.
  • 1000 points multiplied by the player's health are awarded for clearing the stage.
The Desert Sun (Mini-Game)
(砂漠の太陽 Sabaku no Taiyō)

While crossing the desert to Abu Dhabi, the Joestar group realizes that the sun is still up despite their watches showing that night should have fallen. The group is struck with horror at the realization that the sun itself is a Stand, but Jotaro calmly suggests finding the Stand's user. The battle with Sun takes the form of a hidden-object game: a mirrored version of the user's location is shown at the botton-right of the screen, and the player must find that location and throw a rock at it four times to win. If the player attacks the wrong location, Sun will counterattack with rays of light, causing the temperature to increase; if the temperature fills the thermometer at the top of the screen, the player loses. After the battle, Sun dissipates, leaving the Joestar group to ponder the foolishness of its user, Arabia Fats.
Secret Factor: Now let's continue to our next destination. (さぁ次の目的地に行きましょう)

End the mini-game within thirty seconds.
Death Thirteen of Dreams
(夢のDEATH13 Yume no Desu Sātīn)

En route to Egypt, the group finds themselves in a strange amusement park. A Stand named Death Thirteen appears and explains that they are within its nightmare world, only to be caught off-guard by the appearance of Hierophant Green; Kakyoin, having activated his Stand before falling asleep, prepares to fight the Stand. After the battle, Kakyoin finds the Stand's user, a baby named Mannish Boy, and scoops its feces into his food.
Secret Factor: It hasn't been severed! Its torso turned into string... (切断されてないッ!胴体を紐状に)

Attack out of a special Stand summon (QCF+Stand).[1]
The Magic Lamp (Mini-Game)
(魔法のランプ Mahō no Ranpu)

While crossing the Red Sea, the group stops on an island, where Polnareff comes across a lamp; as he inspects the lamp, he accidentally releases the Stand Judgement hiding within it. Judgement gives Polnareff three wishes; still wary, Polnareff wishes to revive his sister and Avdol. Though the Stand seemingly fulfills his wish, the clay replicas he creates are half-formed; desperate to be completed, they begin feeding on Polnareff. However, a second Avdol appears and burns the clay replica: Avdol had faked his own death in Calcutta, and has now returned to save Polnareff. The battle against Judgement plays out in a similar manner to the Justice battle, albeit with Avdol instead of Jotaro. As clay replicas of Avdol and Sherry attack the player, Judgement floats in the air, often dropping down to attack or reviving destroyed replicas; once Judgement's health is depleted, the mini-game ends. After the battle, Judgement runs away. Avdol and Polnareff find a pipe sticking out of the ground; at Avdol's suggestion, the two urinate into the pipe until the user, Cameo, surrenders. Magician's Red then burns him, putting him out of commission.
Secret Factor: My third wish is to make you cry out in regret! (第3の願いは「後悔の泣き声」だッ!)
Clear the stage with 80,000 points:

  • 2000 points are awarded for defeating a Sherry replica. For each clay replica defeated, this bonus increases by 2000 points.
  • 3000 points are awarded for defeating an Avdol replica. For each clay replica defeated, this bonus increases by 3000 points.
  • 10000 points multiplied by the player's combo are awarded for defeating Judgement and clearing the stage.
Diamond Molars
(ダイヤモンドの奥歯 Daiyamondo no Okuba)

After arriving at Jiddah, the group takes a well-deserved coffee break. However, the group soon realizes they are holding six cups instead of five, and Joseph is taken out by a Stand within the extra cup named High Priestess. As the Stand can possess metal objects, the group deduces that the Stand is hiding underground and splits up. Soon after, Jotaro finds the Stand's user, Midler. After the fight, Jotaro narrowly dodges an attack from High Priestess, who claims that its teeth are as hard as diamond; Jotaro proceeds to smash the Stand's teeth, soundly defeating it.
Secret Factor: Those teeth were hard, but I knocked them all out. (硬い歯だったがたたき折ってやったぜ)

End the fight while Midler is affected by a Stand Crash.
The Earth God Geb (Mini-Game)
(大地の神ゲブ Daichi no Kami Gebu)

Having finally reached Egypt, the Joestar group meets up with the Speedwagon Foundation at Abu Simbel. The Foundation delivers an ally Stand user: Iggy, a dog who wields the sand-manipulating Stand The Fool. As it departs, the Foundation helicopter suddenly crashes; a few seconds later, Kakyoin is attacked by a water-like Stand, putting him out of commission. The Stand prepares to attack Polnareff, but Jotaro rushes off to find the Stand's user, using Iggy's nose as a compass. The battle with the water Stand, Geb, plays out the same way as in JoJo's Venture: the player must navigate a long stretch of desert to reach the user, N'Doul, who can be defeated in a single hit. Along the way, the player must avoid Geb as it lunges, blocks, and creates pitfall traps. After the battle, Jotaro tries to interrogate N'Doul about DIO, but N'Doul kills himself with his own Stand to avoid betraying him.
Secret Factor: He's not moving... He's keeping still. (動いていないじっとしているぞ)

End the mini-game with Jotaro's Puttsun Ora super move.
The Prediction Is Always Right! (Adventure)
(予言は必ずあたる! Yogen wa Kanarazu Ataru!)

The group rushes to Aswan to drop Kakyoin and an injured Avdol off at a hospital. Following them are Oingo, user of the disguise Stand Khnum, and his brother Boingo, wielder of the future-predicting book of Thoth. Though Avdol's injuries are light, Kakyoin will have to be left behind due to his serious wounds. For now, the three active heroes stop at a cafe, where Oingo disguises himself as a waiter and poisons their tea. The group drinks the poison, but Iggy interferes and causes them to spit it out. Undiscouraged, the brothers continue following the party, attacking an ugly man on the way for no reason. The two brothers catch up to the Joestar group as they prepare to drive to the hospital. Oingo, disguised as Jotaro, plants a bomb in an orange inside the car, only to be blown up himself. As the Joestar group drives off, the ugly man returns with a gang behind him to assault the two brothers, hospitalizing them.
Secret Factor: The brothers were retired without a fight. (兄弟は仲良くリタイアしてしまいました)

Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.
The Sword of Anubis
(アヌビスの剣 Anubisu no Tsurugi)

The Joestar group takes a boat to Kom Ombo, where Polnareff crosses paths with an enemy named Chaka, wielder of the sword Anubis. After the fight, Polnareff lets Chaka live, albeit out of commission, and decides to take his sheathed sword.
Secret Factor: This rapier is Chariot's secret. (この剣針はチャリオッツの奥の手だぜ)

End the fight with Polnareff's Last Shot super move.
Be Careful When Shaving
(ヒゲ剃りに御用心 Higesori ni Goyōjin)

Jotaro and Polnareff visit a barber named Khan, Polnareff still carrying Chaka's sword. Polnareff gives Khan the sword and asks it to place it down somewhere; upon unsheathing the sword, the barber announces himself to be Anubis and attacks. After the fight, the barber praises Jotaro's Star Platinum before passing out, and the two heroes realize the sword can possess people.
Secret Factor: Impossible... He caught the blade! (まさか・・・白刃取りをやるとは)

Perform Jotaro's Guard Cancel (QCF+Attack).
Anubis + Chariot
(アヌビス+チャリオッツ Anubisu Purasu Chariottsu)

Polnareff tries to pick up the unsheathed Anubis, but the blade possesses him as well. After the fight, Jotaro shatters the sword, waking Polnareff from its spell. The largest shard of the sword possesses a young boy, who tries to throw the shard at Jotaro; however, the boy trips on Iggy and misses, accidentally throwing Anubis into a river.
Secret Factor: But now I've learned that, too. (しかしそれももう覚えた)
Have Anubis Dual-Wielding Polnareff counter Jotaro's Ora-Ora special move or Puttsun Ora super move.

The group stays in a hotel at Luxor after Anubis's defeat. While there, Joseph is shocked by a power outlet. The next morning, Jotaro and Polnareff set off as Joseph sleeps in. The player must choose between following Joseph or Polnareff, leading them to Stage 23 or Stage 24 respectively.
A Woman with Wonderful Legs
(脚がグンバツの女 Ashi ga Gunbatsu no Onna)

Joseph is affected by Bastet's magnetism ability. The user, Mariah, reveals herself and brags about Bastet's inescapable ability before herself escaping Avdol. Joseph warns Avdol about the Stand's electric outlet, but Avdol has already touched one; thus, the two agree to split up and act individually. After the fight, Joseph and Avdol corner Mariah as their bodies begin to be crushed by the metal they've attracted. The two exploit their magnetism to crush Mariah between themselves, knocking her unconscious and nullifying her ability.
Secret Factor: So you're not going to lift the magnetism? (この磁力を止めてくれないのか?)

Touch Mariah's power outlets seven times.
I Don't Want to Be Young Again
(若がえりは御免 Wakagaeri wa Gomen)

Polnareff senses an enemy following him, but is too slow to react and is temporarily turned into a child by his Stand, Sethan. The enemy, Alessi, gloats about how much he loves to bully little boys. After the fight, Jotaro confronts a wounded Alessi, who manages to turn him into a child. However, even without a Stand, the young Jotaro manages to beat Alessi up; once the ability is lifted, a restored Jotaro and Polnareff waste no time finishing him off.
Secret Factor: You've become a kid agaaaain! (子供になっちまってるウウウ)

Have Alessi turn Polnareff into a child at least once.
Shooting DIO?! (Extra)
(DIOを撃つ!? DIO o Utsu!?)

Meanwhile, Hol Horse meets with DIO in Cairo to report the defeats of his latest minions. DIO dismisses Hol Horse's report and urges him to battle the Joestars directly, inciting Hol Horse to attack him. After the fight, Hol Horse puts his gun to DIO's head, but DIO somehow appears behind him. Praising his tenacity, DIO leaves Hol Horse to contemplate the overwhelming power of his Stand.
Secret Factor: How did he get behind me...? (どうやっておれの背後へ・・・?)

Attack Evil Incarnate DIO during his The Scale of Fear special move.
The Soul-Stealing Gamble (Mini-Game)
(魂を奪うギャンブル Tamashī o Ubau Gyanburu)

The Joestar group travels to Giza, where a gambler named Daniel J. D'Arby challenges Polnareff to see which of two pieces of meat a cat will eat first. Polnareff guesses incorrectly, and D'Arby takes his soul with his Stand Osiris, incidentally revealing that the cat is his. In order to save Polnareff, Joseph bets his soul on a game involving dropping coins in a glass of water; whoever drops the coin that makes it spill loses. D'Arby cheats at the game and drops more coins than the glass should handle, causing Joseph to mentally surrender and forfeit his soul. Fed up with D'Arby's antics, Jotaro challenges the gambler to his favorite game, poker. Should the player choose to bluff, Jotaro chooses not to look at his cards before betting Avdol's soul, as well as his mother's. D'Arby, unable to know if Star Platinum looked at or swapped his cards, goes insane under the pressure and folds, putting him out of commission.
Secret Factor: I'd have been horrified if I knew. (もし知っていたらゾッとしたぜ)

Win either the cat or coin mini-game, or win the poker mini-game by bluffing.
The Predictions are Absolute
(予知は絶対 Yochi wa Zettai)

The group finally arrives in Cairo, where the newly-formed team of Hol Horse and Boingo is waiting for them. Polnareff notices Hol Horse and holds him at swordpoint, but is distracted by Boingo from beneath a box. After the fight, Boingo escapes despite Hol Horse being retired. Boingo realizes that revenge isn't a cause worth living for and kicks his box away, declaring his intention not to live in fear anymore; the box hits Iggy, who attacks and hospitalizes Boingo, destroying his newfound confidence.
Secret Factor: I missed! What's going on here?! (ハズレたァッ!どういうことだ!?)

End the fight without being hit by any of Hol Horse's bullets.
The Ice Bird
(氷の鳥 Kōri no Tori)

The Joestar group hires an informant to find DIO's mansion. As Iggy is wandering through town, he watches as the informant is crushed by a giant icicle in front of the building he seeks. The culprit is a Stand-using bird named Pet Shop, wielder of the ice Stand Horus. Despite Iggy's better judgement, he engages the bird knowing it cannot let him get away. After the battle, Iggy gloats over his victory but realizes it means an end to his carefree life without battle. For now, Iggy decides to tell the group where DIO's mansion is, as an act of revenge against his foe.
Secret Factor: I- I'll just hide in here for a while... (し、しばらくここに隠れていよう)
Block an attack at least ten times.

The Joestar group finally arrives at DIO's mansion. Telence T. D'Arby, Daniel's younger brother, greets them at the door and effortlessly dodges a punch from Star Platinum. An illusory Stand creates a hole in the mansion's floor, which Telence drags Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin into. As they are sucked in, Joseph commands Avdol to burn the mansion if they do not return in ten minutes; after ten minutes pass, the remaining three heroes decide to enter the mansion themselves. The player must choose between following Polnareff or Jotaro, leading them to Stages 28 and 29 or Stage 30 respectively.
Undetectable (Mini-Game)
(探知不能 Tanchi Funō)

The battle against the illusory Stand, Tenore Sax, is largely a repeat of the battle against Sun. The player must again find the location shown at the bottom-right of the screen; this time, target Kenny G. moves against an Escher-esque backdrop, making the task of finding him quite difficult. Thankfully, the player has a trick up their sleeve: Avdol's fire can be used three times to point in the direction of Kenny G. Once the player hits Kenny G. four times, the mini-game ends. After the battle, the labyrinth inside the mansion disappears, exposing its true layout.
Secret Factor: It all happened so fast... (あっという間だったな)

End the mini-game within forty seconds.
The Dark Void's Trajectory
(暗黒空間の軌跡 Ankoku Kūkan no Kiseki)

With both Avdol's flames and Iggy's nose on their side, Avdol is certain that nothing can sneak up on the group. Just then, a Stand appears behind Avdol out of thin air. Avdol pushes Polnareff and Iggy out of the Stand's way, but immediately vanishes. The Stand's user, Vanilla Ice, declares Avdol dead, as he has disappeared into his Stand Cream's void. Though Polnareff refuses to believe Avdol's death, Vanilla Ice declares his intent to scatter the entire group's atoms inside his void. After the fight, a weakened Polnareff sacrifices himself for a severely-wounded Iggy, only for the dog to use the last of his energy to save him instead. Polnareff stabs Vanilla Ice to death, but he immediately recovers; realizing his enemy is a vampire, Polnareff slices open a wall, exposing him to sunlight and disintegrating him. After briefly seeing Avdol and Iggy's souls ascending, Polnareff resolves to move deeper into the mansion toward DIO.
Secret Factor: Too slow, Vanilla Ice! (のろいぜヴァニラ・アイス)

End the fight with Polnareff's Throw.
A Video Game of Souls (Adventure)
(魂のTVゲーム Tamashī no Tī Vī Gēmu)

The three abducted heroes find themselves on a strange island with Telence. At Telence's request, Kakyoin steps up to challenge the younger D'Arby brother in the racing game F-MEGA. Both of their cars take off at the same speed, and manage to stay neck-in-neck through the first six curves. D'Arby's car gains the lead in an acceleration tunnel, but Kakyoin uses his car's energy to knock D'Arby off the track... onto a farther section of the course. Kakyoin internally admits defeat, and Telence's Stand Atum removes his soul. After Telence warns the Joestars that killing him means killing Kakyoin, Jotaro challenges D'Arby to a game of Oh! That's A Baseball!. Though Jotaro scores four home runs in his first inning at-bat, D'Arby scores three consecutive home runs, leading Jotaro and Joseph to suspect Atum can read minds. To counter this ability, Jotaro begins announcing the direction of his pitches in advance. Telence confirms Jotaro's forecasts are accurate, but is completely dumbfounded when the pitches change direction regardless. In his shock, Telence releases his grip on Kakyoin's soul. After learning that Joseph had been using Hermit Purple to play the game for Jotaro, Telence begs for forgiveness; reading Jotaro's mind, he realizes that the answer is a firm "Ora-Ora".
Secret Factor: Is it the "Ora-Ora" thing, perhaps?! (もしかしてオラオラですかーッ!?)
Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.

Regardless of whether the player chose Jotaro or Polnareff, the group reunites soon after Vanilla Ice's defeat, with Kakyoin bringing a weak vampire named Nukesaku as a guide. The group reaches DIO's coffin and asks Nukesaku to open it, only for Nukesaku himself to be revealed inside. The heroes, mortified, quickly escape the mansion; with the sun now setting, however, DIO is prepared to hunt them down. Joseph and Kakyoin decide to retreat, but Polnareff goes off alone to face DIO head-on; Jotaro follows Polnareff, stating that the group will be attacking DIO from both sides. The player must choose between following Kakyoin or Jotaro, leading them to Stages 31 and 32 or Stages 33 and 34 respectively.
The Threat of The World
(世界(ザ・ワールド)の脅威跡 Za Wārudo no Kyōi)

DIO notices that the heroes are trying to surround him. Narrowly dodging an attack from Hierophant Green, DIO realizes that he is already surrounded by Hierophant's tentacles. Though Kakyoin intends to use Hierophant's tentacles to reveal DIO's Stand ability, DIO declares him a fool and summons his world-conquering The World. After the fight, DIO stops time and impales Kakyoin through the chest in front of Joseph. Kakyoin fires a final Emerald Splash at a clock tower before passing away, giving Joseph a clue to the Stand's true power.
Secret Factor: Hierophant's Field! (「法皇」の「結界」!)

End the fight with Kakyoin's Hierophant's Field special move.
The Stand That Rules the World
(世界を支配するスタンド Sekai o Shihai Suru Sutando)

While running from DIO, Joseph realizes the meaning of Kakyoin's message: The World's true ability is to stop time. DIO goes in for the kill, but stays his hand, as Joseph is protecting himself with the sunlight Ripple energy passed down from his grandfather. After the fight, Joseph encounters Jotaro, and barely has enough time to warn him of DIO's true power before DIO stops time. Remembering his Stand's gradual development, DIO overcomes Joseph's Ripple by throwing a knife at his throat. Time resumes, Joseph falls dead, and DIO announces that Jotaro will be the next to die.
Secret Factor: Energy of the sun, Ripple! (太陽のエネルギー「波紋」ッ)

End the fight with Joseph's Hermit Web special move.
The Same Type of Stand!
(同じタイプのスタンド! Onaji Taipu no Sutando!)

Despite Joseph's warning, Jotaro approaches DIO and confronts him head-on. The adversaries test their Stands' speed; The World comes out on top, managing to scrape Jotaro's leg. Unfazed, Jotaro complains about his pants' ripped fabric. After the fight, Jotaro is seemingly killed. Wary of the Joestars' luck, DIO grabs a signpost and moves to cut off his head.
Secret Factor: Comparing the speed of our rushes? (突き(ラッシュ)の速さ比べか)

Initiate a Blazing Fists Match with Jotaro's Ora-Ora special move or Puttsun Ora super move.
Make Sure He's Dead
(完全なるとどめ Kanzen Naru Todome)

Polnareff suddenly attacks DIO from above, managing to stab his head. However, DIO simply stops time and punches Polnareff in the head, knocking him to the ground. After the fight, DIO states his intention to finish off Jotaro first and bring the Joestar Egypt Tour Group to an end.
Secret Factor: Go straight to hell, DIO! (くたばりやがれッ!DIO)

End the fight with Polnareff's Shooting Star special move.
The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends
(遥かなる旅路 さらば友よ Haruka naru Tabiji Saraba Tomo yo)

After confirming that Jotaro has no heartbeat, DIO prepares to cut off his head. Suddenly, Star Platinum attacks and Jotaro gets up, having stopped his own heartbeat. DIO, wounded by the attack, tries to escape, but Jotaro pummels him and sends him flying. However, DIO is thrown to the very same place he was trying to escape toward: the resting place of Joseph Joestar's body. Draining Joseph's blood, an invigorated DIO prepares to end the battle once and for all.
Secret Factor: I stopped time... (おれが時を止めた・・・)
Have DIO stop time, then end the fight within stopped time by using Jotaro's Star Platinum The World super move.


After the fight, DIO performs a last-ditch kick attack with The World. Star Platinum punches The World's leg, shattering the Stand and thus destroying DIO's head. Joseph and DIO's bodies are recovered by an ambulance, and Joseph is revived through a blood transfusion between the two bodies. The next morning, Jotaro and Joseph place DIO's remains under the sunlight, permanently ending DIO's menace. At an airport in Cairo, the Joestars bid farewell to Polnareff, remarking on the bizarre yet enjoyable experience they shared together. Meanwhile, in Japan, a fully-recovered Holy senses the return of her father and son.