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The Magician of Fire
(炎の魔術師 Honō no Majutsushi)

Near the Canary Islands, a strange coffin is lifted from the bottom of the sea. Some time later, a teenager named Jotaro Kujo locks himself in a Tokyo jail cell, convinced that he has been possessed by an evil spirit. At his mother Holy's request, Jotaro's grandfather Joseph Joestar visits Japan and attempts to coerce him out of his cell. When Jotaro refuses, Joseph asks his friend Muhammad Avdol to remove him by force. After the fight, Joseph explains to Jotaro that the appearance of his "evil spirit", later named Star Platinum, is caused by the Joestar family's enemy DIO, who has reawoken after a hundred years.
Secret Factor: So you got me out of the cell? (牢屋の外、してやられたというわけか)

End the fight with Jotaro outside the cell and Avdol inside.
Bucciarati's Coming, Part 1
(ブチャラティが来る その① Bucharati ga Kuru Sono 1)
GioGio 1-1.png

The game begins with a summary of the previous Parts to give context to the player. A cutscene depicts Giorno, fresh from taxi work at the airport, being harassed by gang member Leaky-Eye Luca. Luca, who controls the airport, demands payment from Giorno, only to end up knocked out. Later, Bruno Bucciarati confronts Giorno to interrogate him about Luca's attacker. The player plays as Giorno and fights Bucciarati. The first part of the level acts as a tutorial that teaches the player how to attack, dodge, summon their Stand, and Stand Shoot. After teaching the player about Secret Factors, the tutorial ends and Bucciarati begins attacking.

  • There are four Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Bucciarati. (1) (ブチャラティをシュート(1))
    Stand Shooting Bucciarati activates a cutscene recreating the moment Giorno punches Bucciarati in the face and knocks out his tooth. Bucciarati describes the intense pain this is causing. This factor rewards the player with +4.
  • 2. Shoot Bucciarati. (2) (ブチャラティをシュート(2))
    Stand Shooting Bucciarati rewards the player with +1.
  • 3. Shoot Sticky Fingers. (S・フィンガーズをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Sticky Fingers while it's not blocking activates another cutscene. As Giorno stands behind Gold Experience facing Bucciarati, he realizes that Bucciarati's power is to place zippers on any object. This rewards the player with +3.
  • 4. Shoot a fire extinguisher. (消火器をシュート)
    Stand Shooting any fire extinguisher will turn it into a snake that attacks Bucciarati. This rewards the player with +2.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order, although the first must be done during the tutorial. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
(プロローグ Purorōgu)
Cutscenes Only
Unlock Criteria: None

Sometime between the 12th and 16th centuries, an Aztec chieftain wearing a Stone Mask sacrifices a young woman as part of an ancient Aztec ritual. Her blood splatters onto the mask, causing bone-like prongs to sprout from it and pierce the chief's head. Incredibly, the chief survives and screams to his enraptured audience that he has gained eternal life. The narration tells of the great tribe, which tried to conquer the world with the help of the Stone Mask and its powers before suddenly disappearing from history.
Zeppeli the Eccentric
(奇人ツェペリ Kijin Tseperi)
Unlock Conditions: Unlocked from the start.
Stage: Dio's Castle
Completion Bonus
800 G, Glossary: George Joestar I, Jonathan Joestar, Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Special Conditions
The enemy's Heart Heat Gauge fills over time.
Secret Missions
1. Use the "Ripple Breath" Style Action. (1000 G)
2. Land a Ripple-enhanced skill. (1000 G)
Entrance Dialogue
Jonathan: Wha?! While still sitting? How can you jump so high with just your knees!?
Zeppeli: You did well to survive! But the "Stone Mask Man" lives as well!
Victory Dialogue
Jonathan: What?! You mean Dio is... Dio is still alive?!
Defeat Dialogue
Zeppeli: I am Baron Zeppeli. It takes more than courage to beat the power of the Stone Mask!
DIO's World
(DIOの世界 DIO no Sekai)
Unlock Conditions: Unlocked from the start.
SCSymbol.png DIO (Level: 1)
Stage: Cairo Overpass
Victory Conditions
Retire the enemy.
Defeat Conditions
Be knocked out.
Special Conditions
Completion Bonus
Support Item: "I can completely heal myself on my own! OK?"
Rank Bonus
S: Jotaro Costume A
A: Jotaro Color Set
B: Jotaro Quote Set B
EX Bonus
1. Perform a 30-hit combo. (Jotaro Dual Combo Pose D)
2. Get the First Attack. (Jotaro Victory Pose C)
Entrance Dialogue
DIO: Without further ado, it's time for the final strike! This is the absolute final time freeze!
Jotaro: Bring it...on... DIO...
Victory Dialogue
Jotaro: How do you feel now? DIO...
Defeat Dialogue
DIO: I've never! EVER! Felt so perfectly wonderful...
Normal Battle (★★)
Unlock Conditions: Unlocked from the start.
Stage: Dio's Castle
Completion Bonus
ASBR Coins.png 700 G
Special Conditions
Secret Missions
1. Land a First Attack: ASBR Coins.png 1000 G
2. Use the "Ripple Breathing" style: ASBR 2D Art.png Speedwagon Publicity Artwork
3. Land the "Zoom Punch" special: ASBR Music.png Speedwagon's Theme
Entrance Dialogue
Speedwagon: Those are some nice digs you've got there, chap. I think I'll take them!
Jonathan: Hold it! No need to be hasty! I'm just here searching for the one who sells the oriental poison!
Victory Dialogue
Jonathan: I came here to help my father... You must have a mother and father, and brothers too... I don't want to cause them grief!
Defeat Dialogue
Speedwagon: I've got just one question! Why didn't you kick me full force?