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Stone Ocean, Part 3 (石作りの海(ストーンオーシャン) その③, Sutōn Ōshan Sono 3), originally I'll Never Forgive You! (お前は許さない!, Omae wa Yurusanai!) in the WSJ release, is the third chapter of Stone Ocean and the five hundred ninety-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Having been betrayed by her lawyer, Jolyne has been sentenced to fifteen years at Green Dolphin Street Prison. On her way to her cell in a straitjacket, Jolyne falls over and begins unraveling into string. She realizes that she can control this string, and that no one else can see it. The guards take off her straitjacket and order her to get up. They take her to the level four maximum security prison, where she will spend her sentence, and assign her the prisoner number FE40536.

Jolyne is then instructed to strip for an inspection. Once naked, she mocks the guards by posing suggestively, earning the respect of Ermes, who is watching nearby. During the inspection, Jolyne spots her lawyer in the prison, who is there to hand over some papers. He feigns being respectable and noble while speaking with one of the guards. The guard hands him a note from Jolyne, reading "Pass this to him: Are you feeling safe and comfortable now? This is not over yet. I'll get back to you, sooner or later." Jolyne swears that she will escape prison and enact her revenge.

In his car, the lawyer turns on the air conditioning, causing strings to come out of the fans and strangle him. His car crashes into the railway, injuring him. Elsewhere in the prison, an unidentified prisoner carries the pendant Jolyne had received from her father.


Romeo Jisso
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Strip Search Staff
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Prison Doctor
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Transgender Prisoner
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Short story collection "Under Execution Under Jailbreak" is on sale. It's a pretty neat book, if I may say so...



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