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Sky High, Part 6 (スカイ・ハイ その⑥, Sukai Hai Sono 6), originally Coincidence and Calculation (偶然と計算, Gūzen to Keisan) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred seventeenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred eleventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne, still on fire, has managed to strike Rikiel thanks to her determination. Stone Free violently pummels Rikiel but surprisingly, Rikiel catches Jolyne by her neck. Rikiel declares that he will be the most determined in this fight and severed his own nerves to not feel pain, meaning he won't fall until he dies; planning to finish with a draw and have both dying, Rikiel lashes out the rods into Jolyne's neck, which is not in fire anymore. Jolyne continues to pummel Rikiel as the rods suck her body heat, and both collapse. The rods, without their master, now leave in the sky.

Rikiel slowly stands up, but feels defeated, having seen that his hand protected Jolyne's neck. Jolyne stands up too, while Rikiel finally falls to the ground for good. She reveals that she couldn't calculate that Rikiel's hand would shield her, and she won out of luck. Rikiel questions that dumb luck favored Jolyne, and also feels fulfilled for having gone beyond his limits. Rikiel announces that Jolyne will play a role serving Pucci's goal, as she is favored by destiny.

Rikiel then reveals that Weather is Pucci's younger brother, but is interrupted when Kiss puts him out of commission and Ermes violently refuses to believe that Weather is linked to Pucci. Jolyne, Ermes and Emporio leave for Orlando on Rikiel's bike. For their part, the rods return to the skies, free as they have always been.


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  • The tankōbon edition and all subsequent volumizations add four extra pages at the end of the chapter clarifying the fate of the rods.


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