Stone Ocean - Chapter 4

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Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1 (囚人番号FE40536空条徐倫 その①, Shūjin Bangō Efu Ī 40536 Kūjō Jorīn Sono 1), originally Jolyne of Cell 206 (206号の徐倫, 206-gō no Jorīn) in the WSJ release, is the fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the five hundred ninety-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Continuing the entrance inspection, a barber begins shaving Jolyne's head. Deeply distressed by the thought of losing her hair, she pays the barber thirty dollars in order to keep it intact. She then lines up with the other new inmates to be greeted by Loccobarocco, the prison manager. His alligator puppet, Charlotte, explains that Green Dolphin Street Prison believes prisoners should still be allowed basic human rights and are allowed various freedoms. She explains that the prisoners are not allowed metallic objects, such as pens or earrings.

After the orientation, the prisoners are directed to their cells. On her way, Jolyne uses her ability to steal a pen from Loccobarocco. Jolyne is taken to her cell, where she meets her cellmate Gwess. The two introduce themselves, but when Jolyne puts her stuff on the bottom bunk, Gwess attacks her, claiming the bunk for herself. Jolyne sees some of Gwess's belongings; among them is the amulet Jolyne received from her father.

Jolyne asks where she got it and if she could look inside. Gwess takes it and says that she might look inside but won't give it back. Jolyne offers to buy it from her, but Gwess says it will cost her two hundred dollars. Jolyne reacts angrily, but is distracted by a bird coming out of Gwess's pocket. From the bird's neck, two tiny human arms grab some crackers from the table in the cell, and retreat into the bird's body.


Prison Hairdresser
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