Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo (story arc)

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Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo (東方仗助!アンジェロに会う, Higashikata Jōsuke! Anjero ni Au) is the second story arc in Diamond is Unbreakable.

It narrates Josuke and Jotaro's battle against the criminal Anjuro Katagiri's Aqua Necklace, an elusive water Stand.


The criminal, Anjuro, arrives at the Higashikata residence dressed as a milkman, aiming to poison Tomoko and her son. Tomoko notices something strange about the bottle of milk he gives her and sees that it is ajar. She asks for a new bottle and he curses, planning to kill her and Josuke with his Stand inside that bottle.[1] Ryohei Higashikata comes to visit his grandson and is killed by Anjuro's Stand.[2]

Three days later, while it is raining, Anjuro ambushes Jotaro, not knowing that he is a Stand user. Jotaro punches him and runs back into the house where Anjuro emerges from steam. Josuke fails to catch him in a bottle when he is in this form. Anjuro fills the whole house with steam so that Jotaro and Josuke are trapped.[3] Josuke breaks through the wall and then repairs it, but Anjuro predicted that he would do this and turned on the humidifier. Josuke swallows Aqua Necklace but he was prepared for this situation and swallowed a latex glove beforehand. Aqua Necklace is trapped. Josuke and Jotaro pinpoint Anjuro and Josuke melds him with a rock, making things how he feels they should be.[4]

Josuke & Crazy Diamond

Jotaro asks Anjuro how he got his Stand and Anjuro tells him that when he was in prison a man wearing a school uniform pierced with an Arrow and he didn't die. The man said he passed the test of the Arrow and now he has a power called a Stand. The man added that he was from Morioh and Anjuro should come there sometime.

While Jotaro and Josuke were listening to the story Aqua Necklace escaped and was about to smash a child's brain. Josuke reacted quickly and "fixed" Anjuro even further- making him one of Morioh's biggest attractions, all while saving the child.[5]


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