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A summary of Johnny Joestar's history and movesets in video games.

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Miscellaneous Games

Jump Super Stars (DS)

Johnny appears as a Help Character. His Help Koma removes all status effects. He also appears in the Mexico stage themed after Steel Ball Run, along with Gyro Zeppeli and Diego Brando, where Diego can be seen ahead both of them (likely a reference to the end of the competition's third stage).

Jump Ultimate Stars (DS)

Johnny appears as a support character. His help Koma provides immunity from the Speed Down status effect. He and Gyro are the only Steel Ball Run representatives in the game as it was still ongoing at the time. Due to the game's release date coinciding with the release of SBR's first volume, Gyro appears as an actual Koma support (characters that appear on the screen to perform an action and disappear) whilst Johnny is merely a help Koma.

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