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Awaken, Part 2 (AWAKEN(アウェイクン)-目覚め その②, Aweikun - Mezame Sono 2), originally One Half (2分の1, 2-bun no 1) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-sixth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred eightieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Anasui is baffled, realizing The Green Baby must have a mind of its own. It causes ripples in the water, killing nearby fish and causing birds to fly out of the trees. Jolyne notices that the plant mutation she had was subsiding now that the child is born. Anasui panics when he sees that the baby is no longer clinging to the boat, assuming that it drowned.

Jolyne sews up her tongue wounds with her string, pointing over to the shore and saying that the baby is over there. Jolyne acknowledges that she needs to get to the baby before Whitesnake can, as she doesn't want it to turn into an enemy. She quickly runs for the baby, but Anasui tells her to stop, and to turn around and not panic. It turns out that Jolyne was shrinking, and Anasui is twice her size.

Jolyne starts to run for the baby again, with Anasui telling her again to stop. Anasui swoops in to save her, but suddenly, he seems smaller than Jolyne. Anasui explains that every time they get closer to the baby, their size halves. Anasui admits that they can probably never reach the baby because of this, but Jolyne refuses to admit defeat.


The Green Baby
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Green, Green Grass of Home
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