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C-MOON (C-MOON(シー・ムーン), Shī Mūn) is the twenty-fifth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates the tense fight between Jolyne and C-MOON in Cape Canaveral's Space Center.


Jolyne's hand starts turning inside-out before the party discovers that C-MOON can turn any object's gravitational force by touching it with its fists. The Stand fights Jolyne and as soon as her leg hits C-MOON, it begins to turn inside-out. As Anasui and Emporio panic, Jolyne figures out a way to undo the Stand's ability by letting it hit her again so that she can "flip" herself back.

Narrowly dodging every attack, Jolyne deduces that C-MOON may not be an automated Stand due to its accurate attacks, and that Pucci must be around to remotely control it. Anasui attempts to intervene, using Diver Down to transfer C-MOON's ability to him instead, until Pucci himself intervenes and commands C-MOON more precisely to hit Jolyne in the chest and her torso which then turns inside-out. Jolyne seems to fall to her death when Emporio's phone suddenly receives a message from Jotaro Kujo, who informs him that Jolyne is still alive and is nearby. Pucci proceeds to track Anasui but is trapped into attacking a tourist with Anasui's face with his Stand's ability.

Before C-MOON pushes Anasui into falling off, Jolyne attacks Pucci using the Möbius strip's property to cancel the Stand's attack. A fight ensues between her and the priest, with the latter nearly shooting bullets at Jolyne before Star Platinum stops time and punches him. Ermes and Jotaro appear and has managed to reach Cape Canaveral to save the party.

Cornered, Pucci realizes that he can reproduce the gravitational conditions specified on the Diary by floating to a different location. As he reaches the final stage, Made in Heaven appears and engulfs everyone in light.[1]





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