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I'll make you pay for this. I'll come back at the happiest time of your life! I will!
—The Vagrant, TSKR Episode 16

The unnamed Vagrant (浮浪者, Furō-sha) is the main antagonist featured in the one-shot At a Confessional.

An impoverished man turned vengeful spirit, he holds a grudge against the man who wronged him after unintentionally causing his death.


When he was alive, the Vagrant was an impoverished, staggering man. His empty eyes, unwashed body, unshaved chin, spaced out teeth and bad body odor leave a poor impression. The Confessor described him as "Eastern" and he is consistently represented with a tan skin. He has long hair which divides itself into large spikes, most of which angle upwards except for the two on each side of his head.

The vagrant wears an open coat with short, torn sleeves over a shirt with a grid pattern, which is torn at the bottom and has a cleavage showing the upper half of his torso. He wears plain pants, a sort of collar made of wool, and mismatched shoes: a normal shoe and a sandal.

As a vengeful spirit, his faces takes a much more violent expression.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Brown coat, beige and green shirt, white undershirt, maroon pants and shoes)
(Brown coat, green and white shirt, red collar, brown pants)


When he first appears, the vagrant is visibly weak and desperate for food after having gone 5 days with out any. He begs The Confessor for some but is told to work for that food instead. With no other option the vagrant gets to work despite being unable to perform the physically demanding job and dies under the weight of the bags he was carrying.
Cursing the man who wronged him

When he returns as a spirit, his demeanor is incredibly malicious and violent. Cursing the confessor, stating that he will return at the happiest moment of his life. When he finally manifests the spirit sets up a bet against the confessor, taking pleasure in his panic and eventual failure at winning the bet. It is however revealed, that the confessor was just a servant gone under plastic surgery, so the vagrant still continues to haunt the actual man who wronged him.


The vagrant asking for food

The vagrant wandered onto a farm market, and asked for food to a man, as he hadn't eaten for five days. The man, feeling disgusted that the vagrant did no work to get his food, forces him to work by carrying the bags of corn to the storage. The vagrant starts by carrying a small bag of corn, but is forced to carry a larger bag instead. While the man rests and drinks coffee, the vagrant tries to move the large bag to the storage, but the bag proves to be too large and too heavy for him to carry and as a result he falls and is crushed by the bag. The man falls asleep and dreams that the vagrant has appeared underneath his table, threatening to take revenge on him at his happiest moment. Not long after, authorities arrive and find that the vagrant carrying the bag has died. He has since then assisted the man's prosperity from behind the scenes so that he could fulfill his vow of taking the man's life at his happiest moment.

Returning as an evil spirit

Years later the spirit of the vagrant possesses the man's daughter. The vagrant challenges the man to throw a piece of popcorn in the air above the altitude of a nearby lamppost and catch it in his mouth, each time at the clap of his hands, three times in a row. If the man succeeds, the vagrant will acknowledge that his death was due to destiny and will leave the man forever, but if the man fails, the vagrant will cut off his head without fail. The man fails and, without a second to spare, the vagrant cuts off his head.

He only learned later that he actually killed a servant who was willing to do anything for his master, and used plastic surgery to alter both his and the master's appearances, thereby fooling the vagrant into dogging the servant instead. The spirits of the vagrant and the beheaded servant then both vow to watch him around the clock to make sure that he does not do anything suspicious again.[2]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Please... give me... something to eat
    —The vagrant to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • I look as if I'm slacking off?! I'm now in deep despair, deeper than the dark sea...because of you!
    —As a vengeful spirit, to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • As I promised, I'm back. To get you, you miserable bastard!
    —The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • The last few years, you've had all the luck you need, eh? Wealth... fame... family... eh? Did you think you got them all by yourself?
    — The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • So when you fall from your pedestal, you'll tate what I felt-- despair!
    —The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • If you succeed, destiny is on your side so I'll give up and disappear.
    —The Confessor to Rohan Kishibe, TSKR Episode 16
  • Whatcha gonna demand next? Now is the time! And here is the place! Two more times! Okay? If you fail, I'll kill ya!
    —The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • You can celebrate as much as you like, after the last one.
    — The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • The judgment says... it was not my fault!
    — The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16
  • From now on, we'll watch you all the time so you can never cheat us!
    —The vengeful spirit to the Confessor, TSKR Episode 16



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