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Stone Ocean, Part 2 (石作りの海(ストーンオーシャン) その②, Sutōn Ōshan Sono 2), originally A Couple's Future (二人の未来, Futari no Mirai) in the WSJ release, is the second chapter of Stone Ocean and the five hundred ninety-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne rides in a car with her boyfriend, Romeo, during a rainy October evening. To Romeo's dismay, Jolyne acts overly affectionate towards him. Romeo says that there are rumors Jolyne used to be part of a biker gang, and asks if it's true. She replies that she would never commit theft, and that her tattoo is a souvenir from a vacation.

The two move to kiss, but a body crashes into Romeo's windshield. The car veers off to the side of the road, its passengers frightened. Jolyne looks back, and sees a corpse hanging from a tree. She begins to call an ambulance, but Romeo stops her. Fearing that their futures are at stake, he convinces her that they must hide the body, as the rain will wash away the evidence. They put the corpse in the trunk and drive away.

A few days later, Jolyne is arrested for homicide. She is interrogated, the cops believing her to be the driver. Another few days pass by, with Jolyne now at Green Dolphin Street Prison, consulting with her lawyer. Her lawyer tells her that Romeo reported the car was stolen, and that Jolyne was suspected of stealing the car and hitting a civilian while drunk. The lawyer asks if Romeo was the actual driver, to which Jolyne replies that she cannot say.

The lawyer states that if she freely admits to the crime, some charges will be dropped and she will only receive a one-to-two year sentence. Jolyne refuses, holding on to the idea that she is innocent. However, in court, she accepts the terms of the bargain, and pleads guilty to all charges. It is then revealed her lawyer had deceived her. Since she had hidden the corpse, the plea bargain is invalid and she is sentenced to fifteen years at Green Dolphin Street Prison. The lawyer talks with Romeo outside the courtroom, revealing their scheme to frame Jolyne for the crime.


Romeo Jisso
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Jolyne's Mother
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Judge in Jolyne's Trial
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