There's Six of Us! (story arc)

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There's Six of Us! (6人いる!, Rokunin Iru!) is the sixth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Jolyne and Ermes' misadventure in the swamps where, as they are looking for Jotaro's Stand DISC, a mysterious enemy is infiltrating her group.


After two prisoners go missing without a trace on the prison's farmlands, Loccobarocco forms a search party of five female inmates. These five, including Jolyne and Ermes, are given bracelets that are rigged to explode if they wander fifty meters away from the guard supervising the team. In the farmlands, Jolyne and Ermes view the Memory Disc they had gotten from Thunder McQueen. In it they see a stash of Stand DISCs hidden within a tractor in the prison's barn. The search team goes to the barn, but the guard orders them to search the swamp areas instead. As they enter the wetlands, Ermes notices that there are suddenly six inmates in the search team. After realizing this, they notice the guard is suddenly missing. Because she was too far away from the guard, Atroe's bracelet explodes. The inmates search the coast for the guard, who they eventually find in the water. However, when Ermes steps in the water, she is dragged down into it. She is attacked by a Stand made up of plankton called Foo Fighters. To avoid touching the water, Jolyne creates a net to walk on over the swamp. Jolyne uses Stone Free to beat up F.F. and save Ermes. When the two reach the coast, they interrogate the other inmates to see who is the Stand user. The three all melt into one body, revealing that F.F. had possessed all of them, and is its own user. As the Stand's main body runs toward the barn in order to hide the DISCs, its double in the water pulls away the guard in order to cause Jolyne and Ermes's bracelets to explode.[1]


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