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Debt Collector Marilyn Manson, Part 6 (取り立て人マリリン・マンソン その⑥, Toritatenin Maririn Manson Sono 6), originally How Many More Throws? (何球だっけ?, Nankyū Dakke?) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-ninth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred thirty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Miraschon claims that splitting apart the ball and reforming it is cheating, but Jolyne retorts, explaining that if the ball explodes and the pieces of it are caught, it's still a legitimate out. Jolyne commands Miraschon to disable Marilyn Manson and return Ermes's liver. As Miraschon begs for mercy, Jolyne grabs her by the throat, telling her not to waste time. Marilyn Manson returns the liver to its owner, but when Jolyne asks for the stolen money, a guard appears and takes Jolyne's ball. The guard reveals that Miraschon had paid him to interfere with their game of catch.

Jolyne readies her Stand, but Marilyn Manson appears and attacks her. The Stand steals Jolyne's organs as well as Jotaro's Stand DISC from F.F. Miraschon gloats victoriously, but Jolyne throws a baseball at her face. Using her string as a bungee, Jolyne throws the ball at Miraschon one thousand times as per the bet required. With the Stand defeated, all the stolen items are returned to their owners. Jolyne pledges to obtain her father's memory DISC from Whitesnake, and walks away in triumph.


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