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Whole Lotta Love (胸いっぱいの愛を Mune Ippai no Ai o, lit. A Heartful of Love) is the twenty-third volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred twenty-seventh volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Discovering the whereabouts of the New Locacaca from Tooru's photograph, Yasuho heads to the Higashikata House... Meanwhile, Josuke, who was injured and transferred to the TG University Hospital, continues to be attacked by the Head Doctor's Stand! What could be the key to getting out of this predicament?!


Author's Note

Author's Note
I declare "SLEEP WALK" (by Santo & Johnny) to be the world's greatest and foremost song for happiness! Not the kind of happiness when you're all pumped up. It's like that relaxed calm of your being a healthy kid who's going fishing and playing with your friends, without any worries or obstruction from the rest of the world. The timbre of the guitar is just covered in happiness. It's truly no. 1. But, it's just so much happiness, when the song ends, and you return to reality, you're left feeling extremely unhappy. Uh, so what is it that I want to say? Just the usual. You know how it is. That's all.
—Hirohiko Araki

Volume Differences

JJL Volume 23Link to this section
Magazine Version Tankobon Summary
V127 change 001 mag.png V127 change 001 vol.png JJL Chapter 91 (Title Page)
Change: Extra Soft & Wet fist added where text was removed. Smear effect below is improved.
V127 change 002 mag.png V127 change 002 vol.png JJL Chapter 91, page 24.
Change: Added "Go Go Go Go" SFX across page. "Kitchen knife" (包丁) changed to "Knife" (ナイフ). Sweat added on Mitsuba's face in middle panel.
V127 change 005 mag.png V127 change 005 vol.png JJL Chapter 91, page 25.
Change: Added exclamation mark. Added sweat on Mitsuba's face.
V127 change 004 mag.png V127 change 004 vol.png JJL Chapter 91, page 38-39.
Change: Added SFX next to bubble.
V127 change 003 mag.png V127 change 003 vol.png JJL Chapter 91, page 40.
Change: Added an extra blood spurt.
V127 change 006 mag.png V127 change 006 vol.png JJL Chapter 92, page 3.
Change: Added chattering SFX from crowd.
V127 change 012 mag.png V127 change 012 vol.png JJL Chapter 92, page 7.
Change: More blood spurts added near floor.
V127 change 013 mag.png V127 change 013 vol.png JJL Chapter 92, page 9.
Change: Added extra blood spurts and lines around Josuke's knee.
V127 change 009 mag.png V127 change 009 vol.png JJL Chapter 93, page 21
Change: Added a speech bubble showing Paisley Park.
V127 change 010 mag.png V127 change 010 vol.png JJL Chapter 94, page 11
Change: Added SFX and added more debris around Yasuho.
V127 change 011 mag.png V127 change 011 vol.png JJL Chapter 94, page 14
Change: Replaced mug next to Tsurugi with a picture frame, clock and box of tissues.




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