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What a Wonderful World (ホワット・ア・ワンダフル・ワールド, Howatto a Wandafuru Wārudo), originally Meeting (出会い, Deai) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred fifty-eighth and final chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred fifty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.

It is the last chapter of the manga to feature the original characters and continuity that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was set in during the previous five parts; Part 7 and onward would be set in a new continuity.


Weather Report, now wielded by Emporio, tries to punch Pucci. However, the priest dodges and confidently accelerates time again, stating that Emporio's actions are insignificant before his righteous ambition. Pucci dashes around Emporio and prepares to deal the final blow, but suddenly collapses into the piano, stricken by an unknown ailment. Somehow, his eyes are bleeding and the veins in his fingers are inflated; in addition, the priest feels dizzy, and finds himself unable to move.

Emporio then explains how he used Weather Report. The most powerful poison within the proximity of any organism is the very air they breathe; using Weather Report's ability to manipulate the atmosphere, Emporio created a concentration of 100% pure oxygen in his enclosed room. Pure oxygen is deadly to living organisms, and initially affects the eyes and limbs before seeping into the body and destroying its very cells. As Emporio announces that Pucci was the one who allowed this to happen, Weather Report embeds its fist into Pucci's temple and begins to crush his head.

The priest begs for his life, stating that his actions will be for naught if he dies before the incident at Cape Canaveral, as the future will be altered and humanity will no longer be able to make peace with their own fates. Emporio simply replies that Pucci lost to fate, for fate walks the path of justice. Pucci desperately reaches out for Emporio, but Weather Report rips Pucci's face apart and pummels the priest into oblivion. Emporio disappears within the dust of his crumbling room as the universe accelerates toward another singularity point.

Emporio finds himself on the side of a road, near a gas station. Walking toward a bus, he hears someone complaining about having no change to pay for a ticket. That person, stepping off the bus to find some change, turns to Emporio to ask if he has any. Emporio is stunned to see that the stranger bears a striking resemblance to Ermes. Suddenly, the bus driver tosses the stranger's luggage and drives off, to their dismay. Another stranger named Anakiss offers the two vagabonds a ride in his car, but the bus-goer refuses due to her sister's warning to be cautious around strangers. Suddenly, it begins to rain, and Anasui remarks that a storm is coming. For his part, Emporio is dumbfounded at the sight of Anakiss and his companion, Irene: they are the spitting images of Anasui and Jolyne, respectively. Irene introduces herself and Anakiss, her boyfriend, and states her intention to ask her father to marry him. Though the bus-goer reluctantly accepts their offer due to the storm, Emporio remains speechless despite Irene's gentle questions. Irene takes off her jacket to drape it over Emporio, revealing her star-shaped birthmark. Seeing Irene's birthmark, Emporio finally works up the courage to tell her his name.

As the group drives down the road, a hitchhiker with a strong resemblance to Weather appears on the roadside. Despite Anakiss's initial refusal, Irene succeeds in urging him to give the man a ride. The car then departs toward the horizon and disappears into the heavy rain.


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Author's Comment

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  • The chapter's title is a reference to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" song.
  • In the Weekly Shonen Jump edition, this chapter was given the closing tagline "Gravity, namely that of love!!" (引力、即ち(ラブ)!!, Inryoku, sunawachi rabu!!). The tagline, one of many during Stone Ocean's serialization to have awkward writing, was later printed in JOJOVELLER as a stand-out example.
  • Several modifications were made to the chapter between its magazine serialization and tankōbon publication:
    • A double spread of Enrico Pucci attempting a last-ditch attack on Emporio was added.
    • The double spread following Pucci's death at the hands of Emporio initially transitioned immediately into Emporio finding himself near a gas station. In the volumization, the spread was split into two spreads in order to provide clarity to the transition.
    • A double spread depicting the heroes in the sky was added to the end of the chapter.


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