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Eldis (エルディス, Erudisu)[a] is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

Eldis is the reincarnation of Ermes Costello after the rebirth of the universe caused by Made in Heaven. She meets Emporio after getting off a bus for some change.


Eldis is identical to Ermes in appearance, though in a different attire consisting of a fringed dress, on-top of a turtleneck, pants and a band around her hair. She also carries a handbag with her. In the anime, a silver pendant resembling Gloria Costello's locket hangs from one handle of the bag.

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Tan, olive green lipstick.)
(Black with purple highlights, lime headband.)
(Lime fringed dress, orange sleeveless turtleneck, gray pants and shoes.)
Skin(Tan, chartreuse green lipstick.)
(Black with purple highlights, jade headband.)
(Sea green fringed dress, yellow sleeveless turtleneck and gray pants.)


Though she only appears briefly, Eldis seems to be just as crass as her original counterpart but without her harsh background as she wasn't imprisoned. She mentions her sister telling her never to ride with strangers in response to Anakiss and Irene's offer of a ride.



After killing Ermes Costello, Enrico Pucci uses Made in Heaven's ability to accelerate time until the universe reached a new beginning. Pucci explains that, once a person dies, their soul can never be reborn into the new world. However, after Pucci is defeated at the hands of Weather Report's Stand, Emporio finds a woman named Eldis who seems to have inherited Ermes's soul but with different memories.

Stone Ocean

Eldis demanding to go to Cape Canaveral

Eldis gets off a bus at a gas station next to Green Dolphin Street Prison. She asks a kid loitering around for some change for her $50 dollar bill, but the bus drives off soon after much to her dismay. She blames the boy, but fortunately for her a man offers her a ride if she'll pay for gas and food. She declines at first, but when it begins to rain he taunts her. A woman in his car introduces both of them, Irene and Anakiss. Eldis begrudingly accepts the offer, but says that she won't pay more than $10 dollars, and demands that they stop at Cape Canaveral. Her and the boy get in their car, and along the way they encounter a hitchhiker.[1]

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  • Is that how you save cash? My sister said that I shouldn't ride with strangers.
    —Eldis, Stone Ocean Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World



  1. The name Eldis may not have been chosen by Araki, as it derives from the credits of the anime. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.


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