Stone Ocean - Chapter 116

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Sky High, Part 5 (スカイ・ハイ その⑤ Sukai Hai Sono 5), originally Apollo 11 (アポロ11号 Aporo Jū Ichi Gō) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred sixteenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred tenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Transforming into strings, Jolyne has set herself on fire to shield her body against the Rikiel's skyfishes. Stone Free lands a punch, sending Rikiel against his motorcycle, but also revealing Rikiel's Joestar Birthmark, to everyone's astonishment. Planning to interrogate Rikiel later, Jolyne runs forward to finish off the enemy, but Rikiel douses himself with gas, and sets himself on fire too. Out of sheer resolve, and determined to find a weakness, Rikiel stands in front of Jolyne as his body is burning.

Ermes urges Jolyne to finish Rikiel off, Jolyne tries to punch him, but Rikiel suddenly crumbles into small parts, then reappears behind her. Now in the puddles, having extinguished himself, Rikiel is somehow immune to Stone Free's punches. Rikiel taunts Jolyne, claiming that he's managed to suck her body heat, targeting the hypothalamus near the inside of the upper jaw to disrupt the eye perception and cause afterimages.

However Jolyne decides to shut her mouth and simply stop breathing, trusting the mystic sense of the Joestar Family to detect Rikiel, and lands a kick.


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