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Whitesnake - The Pursuer, Part 5 (ホワイトスネイク-追跡者 その⑤, Howaitosuneiku - Tsuisekisha Sono 5), originally Handcuffs (手錠, Tejō) in the WSJ release, is the ninety-third chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred eighty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Whitesnake counts prime numbers, then kicks a rock at the Green Baby. Pucci crawls out of the grass where he was hiding, delighted by the prospect of finding the key to Heaven. Pucci turns to Jolyne and notes that she managed to avoid getting her vitals damaged. As Jolyne starts to sit up, she uses her severed arm to wrap string around Pucci's arm.

Jolyne demands her father's and F.F.'s DISCs, along with Pucci's own life. Jolyne handcuffs Pucci's wrist to her own, and they fight momentarily. Pucci attempts to break the handcuffs, only for the strings to cut his palm. Pucci points out that, since the two of them are touching each other, Whitesnake's ability has already taken effect: Jolyne's Stand DISC now juts out from her head, on the verge of falling out at any time.


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