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Stone Free, Part 2 (ストーン・フリー その②, Sutōn Furī Sono 2), originally S.F. (S・F, Esū Efū) in the WSJ release, is the ninth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne's strings come together to create the full form of her Stand. Her Stand grabs Goo Goo Dolls and squeezes it, demanding that Gwess reveal herself. Gwess appears, wounded from Jolyne crushing her Stand, and uses her power to free Jolyne from the pole she was stuck behind. Jolyne demands her amulet back, as well information as to who Gwess purchased it from.

She informs Jolyne that she bought it from Ermes. When handing it over, Gwess drops the amulet. She uses this chance to punch Jolyne, knocking her past the prison bars, and calls a guard to apprehend her. Jolyne's body is restored to normal size, making her unable to get back through the bars. A prison guard approaches, and sounds the alarm after seeing Jolyne past the gate. Gwess mocks her.

Jolyne's Stand punches Gwess in the face, turning into string to get through the gate. Jolyne decides to name her Stand "Stone Free". Stone Free rapidly punches Gwess in the same way Jolyne's father used to use his Stand to punch enemies. Jolyne commands Gwess to get her through the gate. When the guards return, Jolyne is gone. The guards conclude it was a mistake on the part of the guard who activated the alarm.


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