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Foo Fighters, Part 2 (フー・ファイターズ その②, Fū Faitāzu Sono 2), originally A Wounded Deal (傷だらけの取り引き, Kizu Darake no Torihiki) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-second chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred twenty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Water sprays all over the floor of the barn as Foo Fighters and Jolyne stare at each other intently; Jolyne asks F.F. if it knows the identity of Whitesnake, but the latter replies that it does not. Jolyne attacks with Stone Free, and she tries to sneak a string past the Stand as the attack is blocked. Foo Fighters has already assimilated with the puddle on the floor, however, and is able to completely immobilize Jolyne.

Foo Fighters begins to merge into Jolyne, gloating that it created the perfect environment for itself. However, this was all part of Jolyne's plan: she has already used her string to start the engine of the tractor where the DISCs are stored. The running water blocked the noise of the engine, and while Foo Fighters was preoccupied with Jolyne, the tractor had driven out into the field where Ermes could catch up to it. Foo Fighters runs for the tractor, leaving Jolyne behind. As it runs on the dry fields, Foo Fighters's body begins to disintegrate. By the time it reaches the tractor, only its head remains.

Ermes grabs a pile of dirt to finish off the Stand, but Jolyne stops her. She instead pours water on the Stand in an attempt to rescue it, believing Foo Fighters only protected the DISCs as a way of protecting its own identity. Jolyne then makes a deal with Foo Fighters: in exchange for Jolyne's mercy, the Stand would have to agree to side with her against Whitesnake. Despite not fully understanding her feelings, Foo Fighters agrees to join the team.


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