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The Visitor, Part 3 (面会人 その③, Menkainin Sono 3), originally Sniper Johngalli A. (狙撃手(スナイパー)ジョンガリ・A, Sunaipā Jongari Ei) in the WSJ release, is the thirteenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The pressure from the bullet sends Jolyne flying back into a table. Jotaro warns her to stay away from the door, explaining the sniper must have been waiting for a chance to kill them. Jotaro commands his daughter to put out the cigarette, which she does reluctantly. Believing the sniper is using a Stand to somehow sense their movement and location, he explains how Johngalli A. could sneak a silenced sniper rifle into the prison.

Jolyne looks at the bone Emporio gave her, and remembers his warning to her. Jolyne asks Jotaro what it is. Jotaro tells her the bone is part of a human female's pelvis melted down with acid. He then looks outside to see Johngalli A.'s Stand, Manhattan Transfer, gliding outside the room. The Stand appears to dance around in the air. Jotaro warns his daughter not to do anything, but she tries to launch a string at it. It dodges, causing Jolyne to realize that it reacts to air currents.

As they watch the Stand, the prison guard Jolyne had knocked out wakes up and tries to attack her. She tries to warn the guard of the danger, but the guard is too enraged to listen. Jotaro summons Star Platinum to stop time and knock away the guard, but is too late as Johngalli's bullet pierces his shoulder; the bullet rips through Jotaro and hits the guard directly in the head. Jotaro figures out how Manhattan Transfer is used—it is a sniping satellite that senses the location of Johngalli's opponents and redirects his bullets.


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