Music is the Key of Life

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Music is the Key of Life is a CD album by Japanese band, SUGIURUMN (スギウラム Sugiuramu), released on December 13, 2000. It is a re-release of two albums originally titled "The Right Place" and "The Right Time", which released on vinyl in the mid 2000s.[1] The vinyl covers were drawn by Hirohiko Araki with each album having different background colors.

The CD release re-uses the art that was on the original vinyl covers, but the CD cover exclusively has a yellow background.


No. Title (English) Time
1. Kerouac (5:25)
2. Music is the Key of Life feat. Megumi Mashiro (Original Vocal) (7:17)
3. Rally of Hell (6:41)
4. Touchable (5:39)
5. Piña Colada (6:10)
6. Snow Magic (6:19)
7. Weekend (Original) (7:04)
8. San Antonio 20:20 (5:26)
9. The Right Place in the Right Time (7:46)
Disc length: 56:27




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