Endless Calamity (story arc)

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Endless Calamity (終わりなき厄災 Owarinaki Yakusai) is the twentieth story arc in JoJolion.


The narration ominously mentions that a failure on a plane in the skies of Morioh has caused a panel from the plane to drop towards the town. At the Higashikata estate, Joshu trips and falls on the ground, allowing Yasuho to continue her call. She explains the situation to Kei and warns her about the enemy's calamity power. In the lab, Josuke tries to bait Wonder of U closer by trying to destroy the supply of Locacaca6251. However, the head doctor's calamity power works against him. Despite his effort, Josuke cannot harm the enemy Stand and ironically impales himself on the wreckage of the vault. However, Born This Way suddenly intervenes as Kei enters the room. Its chilling wind freezes the bubbles and blow them towards Wonder of U, who is slightly wounded on the head. Wonder of U thus realizes that there is indeed a hidden potential within Soft & Wet's bubbles.

The successful attacks on Wonder of U comes at the cost of its broken cane lodging itself in Kei's eye. She collapses but Josuke is able to pick up her phone to contact Yasuho. Yasuho tells Josuke everything about Tooru, while Tooru decides to make Wonder of U retreat and comes out of the trees to confront her. Tooru tells Yasuho to give him the Locacaca to prevent it from being destroyed in the incoming calamity that will befall her. Joshu tries to defend her, to no avail, and he trips on Yasuho, which allows Tooru to take the Locacaca. Seeing something big falling towards her, Yasuho tells Josuke about it, forcing him to chase Wonder of U again. Reminiscing Mamezuku's words about the hidden power in his bubbles, Josuke shoots a single bubble towards Wonder of U. Suddenly, a sphere comes out of his Joestar Birthmark.


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