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Orthopedic Surgeon - Dr. Wu Tomoki (整形外科医−羽伴毅先生 Seikeigekai - Ū Tomoki-Sensei) is the nineteenth volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred twenty-third volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the second half of the Ozon Baby's Pressure story arc.


Rai Mamezuku and the Rock Human Poor Tom battle in the burning orchard of the Higashikata family. Although Mamezuku is coming close to recovering the Locacaca branch, he is under the effect of Ozon Baby's pressure at close range... Who will obtain the branches?


Author's Note

Regarding a recent mystery: I have a younger sister (50s), and apparently she fell and broke her leg. Was it minor? Was she severely hurt? I had no idea, and then my sister said she wouldn't be attending an Araki family celebration, so I called her and asked, "Is your leg okay?" and my sister responded, "Ufu." Just that. What in the world? Why couldn't she give me an answer? This sister has a daughter in her 20s, so I asked her, "How is your mom's leg doing?" and she responded, "Ufu." Just that. Are they telling me to use my imagination to discern the hidden meaning behind "Ufu?" What is "Ufu"?



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