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The Visitor, Part 7 (面会人 その⑦, Menkainin Sono 7), originally Escape from the Nightmare (悪夢からの脱出, Akumu kara no Dasshutsu) in the WSJ release, is the seventeenth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred eleventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne wakes up in the visiting room, everything covered in white goop. She realizes that there was never a secret passage and that she was never fighting Johngalli A.. Ever since Jotaro pointed out the lit cigarette, the two have been asleep, hallucinating. Tightly gripping the bone given to her by Emporio wounded her hand, waking her up. She tries to send a string over to Jotaro, but the string dissolves in the air, destroyed by the acid. She summons Stone Free, using it to break the table.

Jotaro wakes up. Jolyne tells him to use Star Platinum to break down the door and pull her out. Jotaro questions how Jolyne knew his Stand's name. He realizes he is hallucinating similarly to Jolyne, and wakes up. She has managed to wrap strings around his face in order to wake him up. Jotaro tells her to summon Stone Free. Jolyne tells her that she doesn't have enough power to break the table, but Jotaro says that isn't his plan. When Stone Free gets close enough, Star Platinum punches it in the face. This launches Jolyne into the door, breaking it open.

Jolyne pulls Jotaro and the visiting room guard out into the hallway. Suddenly, the alarm goes off, the speakers alerting everyone of a disturbance in the visiting room. Jotaro tells his daughter that with help from the Speedwagon Foundation, the two are going to escape in a UUV. Jotaro explains the plan to her, and they leave for the exit. From the visiting room, a mysterious figure stalks the Kujos.


Johngalli A.
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What worries me these days is that the police, the Self-Defense Forces, ... I think there are many other organizations that are old-fashioned.



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