Stone Ocean - Chapter 11

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The Visitor, Part 1 (面会人 その①, Menkainin Sono 1), originally Who's Coming?! (誰が来るの!?, Dare ga Kuru no!?) in the WSJ release, is the eleventh chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The boy in a Cubs uniform warns Jolyne that if she goes to see a man who's coming to visit her, "something worse than death" will occur. Jolyne looks away for a moment, and the boy disappears. Jolyne shouts for the guards to open the gates, but they beat her hand for hanging onto the bar. Later in the cafeteria, the guard that hit her apologizes, and tells her that she has a visitor.

The guard takes her to the visiting center and explains the rules, telling her to wait there until the visit is ready. Suddenly, the boy who had warned her grabs her arm, reaching from the inside of a trash can. He warns her again not to meet with the visitor. Jolyne is confused, and refuses to heed his warning. Understanding that he won't change her mind, the boy gives her a strange-looking bone, telling her not to let go of it.

Jolyne enters the room with the visitor, and sees a tall man in dark clothing. The man turns around, revealing himself to be Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne's father. Jotaro asks his daughter about the amulet he gave her. Angered at the thought of Jotaro acting like a father, Jolyne knocks the guard unconscious, saying that she'll be sent to solitary confinement, and shouts at Jotaro to leave. Jotaro explains that he has come to break Jolyne out of prison.


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