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Awaken, Part 1 (AWAKEN(アウェイクン)-目覚め その①, Aweikun - Mezame Sono 1), originally Memories (思い出, Omoide) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-fifth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred seventy-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


What F.F. fears most is the loss of her own intellect. She realizes that making memories is the meaning of life, reflecting on her own.

Pucci asks whether F.F. is going to kill him or D an G first. In the second she takes to think about the answer, Whitesnake comes up behind her and brings its hand down on her head, revealing her Stand DISC. Before he can extract the DISC, however, F.F. shoots through her own head, allowing the plankton that comprise her to escape Pucci. Much of the plankton lands on and enters D an G's body before killing him from the inside. F.F. realizes she can't live much longer without getting some water, but she is still insistent on telling Jolyne that Whitesnake's user is Pucci.

Elsewhere, Jolyne and Anasui watch as Yo-Yo Ma disintegrates, assuming that F.F. has successfully killed D an G. Afterwards, all that is left is an empty shell where The Green Baby used to be, and Jolyne points to a tiny green hand on the edge of the boat. Anasui realizes it's falling into the water and tries to grab for it, but his hand is suddenly slightly crushed in the shape of a baby hand.


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