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Awaken, Part 4 (AWAKEN(アウェイクン)-目覚め その④, Aweikun - Mezame Sono 4), originally Study (学習, Gakushū) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-eighth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred eighty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne realizes that she's going to fall forever, and that it's caused by the Green Baby's Stand. Jolyne wraps string around the Stand, recognizing that if she captures the Stand, she also captures the baby. The Stand grows bigger as she keeps falling. Jolyne summons Stone Free and tries to attack, but the Stand grabs her leg and crushes it. She screams in pain and begins to shrivel up.

Suddenly, Anasui appears and uses Diver Down to save Jolyne. Jolyne's shoe flies off her foot and out of the baby's range, causing it to grow bigger and make a sound, which the baby turns towards curiously. Anasui demands that Jolyne climbs with him and that the Green Baby is an enemy.

The baby moves over to the shoe and sniffs it; its Stand picks up a rock and throws it at Jolyne and Anasui. Jolyne realizes that the child is capable of strategy, as it recognizes that objects get bigger the farther away they are. As Jolyne and Anasui desperately climb away, the Stand learns to throw the rocks even higher so that they tumble down like boulders.

Jolyne's fingers start to split open and bleed, but Anasui reassures her by saying that they can capture the Stand now, since it has shrunk to a more manageable size. Anasui explains that he rolled a bottle toward the baby, expecting it to be curious and pick it up. His plan worked, and the bottle remained the same size because the baby wanted it. The Stand followed them into the bottle, and thus, is trapped.





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