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Foo Fighters, Part 3 (フー・ファイターズ その③, Fū Faitāzu Sono 3), originally Holy Father (敬虔なる神父, Keiken naru Shinpu) in the WSJ release, is the thirty-third chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred twenty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne retrieves her father's Stand DISC and inserts it into her forehead. After possessing Star Platinum for an instant, the DISC ejects itself because the stand is too powerful for Jolyne to wield. She becomes ecstatic now that she can save her father, but Ermes reminds her that they need the Memory DISC as well.

As they look through the other DISCs, Atroe appears behind them. This startles them, but Foo Fighters reveals that she has possessed and repaired Atroe's corpse so that she can walk on land. Foo Fighters decides to protect Jolyne, and will impersonate Atroe to stay near her. Getting thirsty, Foo Fighters begins drinking water off the floor.

Jolyne asks Foo Fighters about Whitesnake, but she claims to know very little; Whitesnake rarely comes to the barn, and the DISCs in the tractor are only the Stand DISCs he doesn't need. No matter how strong a Stand is, they only work if their user has the right potential. This makes Star Platinum's DISC nearly worthless, as few have the potential to wield it. In actuality, Whitesnake only wanted Jotaro's memory DISC. Responding to the earlier call, the guards arrive at the farm. F.F. hides Jotaro's DISC in her overalls as the guards take the three, as well as the injured guard, back to the prison.

Later in the barn, Whitesnake ponders about Jolyne. She was just supposed to be bait to lure Jotaro to him, but Whitesnake has become concerned about her abilities. He deduces that she must have received help in order to defeat Foo Fighters, and suspects Ermes and Atroe. The last of the search party asks to head back to the prison, but the priest with them asks to stay for just a little longer, inspecting a loose finger near the tractor.


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