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Ermes's Sticker, Part 2 (エルメェスのシール その②, Erumesu no Shīru Sono 2), originally The Janitor's Melancholy (掃除人の憂鬱, Sōjinin no Yūutsu) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-second chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred sixteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


By using her new-found power, Ermes merges a mop with its duplicate. In-between them is the janitor who stole her money in her sleep. When she grabs the janitor's leg, she notices two DISCs lodged in his face. Ermes hides in her cell as the janitor gets up and walks away.

Ermes wonders why the janitor acted as if nothing happened. She looks at the DISC she stole from the janitor, only increasing her confusion. The next day, Ermes is cleared from the sickbay. She asks the guards about the janitor, but they brush her off. She goes into the restroom, inspecting the DISC. She looks into the DISC and sees from the perspective of someone hiding stolen money in the courtyard.

In the DISC, Whitesnake appears and talks to the thief, Thunder McQueen. Whitesnake offers an alliance with McQueen, stating that he has an evil that drags others down with him. The DISC begins to insert itself into Ermes's face, but she quickly pulls it out. In the restroom, McQueen appears, aware of Ermes's research into him. He states he has experience being followed, but has never been followed by a woman. Ermes interrogates him about the DISCs, but McQueen begins to cry.

She asks about the money he stole, but he claims he cannot remember where he hid it. She watches him cry in a pathetic manner, and asks if he is okay. He becomes thrilled by the idea of a woman asking if he is okay, and states that he would love to marry a woman like Ermes. However, upon the realization that that will never happen, he hangs himself with his belt. At that moment, oddly-shaped protrusions appear around Ermes neck, pulling her into the air.


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