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Gravity of the New Moon, Part 2 (新月の重力 その②, Shingetsu no Jūryoku Sono 2), originally That Expression (そのしぐさ, Sono Shigusa) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred fortieth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In the Kennedy Space Center, Pucci is now shown to be able to walk on walls, and the priest begins an enthusiastic speech about the significance of gravity for the earth and humans as a new Stand begins to appear.

Meanwhile, Jolyne tries to throw a string to the falling Ermes but cannot reach her. Moreover, her efforts made the group actually fall away from their goal. The gravity intensifies, uprooting trees and making even buses fall sideways. Worried about such a mysterious power, the group decides to climb toward the center before anything worse appears and Pucci can recover from his wounds. Anasui notices that Jolyne regained her determination.

Finally having joined the courtyard of the Space Center, Jolyne, Emporio and Anasui have trouble navigating between the available supports. Talking about Pucci's possible location, the group doesn't notice a new Stand, seemingly unaffected by the gravity, approaching Jolyne from behind until it tries to grab her. Jolyne protects herself with Stone Free, and sees that the Stand is unlike anything she's seen before. Suddenly her hand sinks into the booth she was standing on and turns itself inside out, to Jolyne's horror.


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