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I'm becoming rich no matter what it takes!
—Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism

Jodio Joestar (ジョディオ・ジョースター Jodio Jōsutā) is the main protagonist of the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands, and the ninth JoJo of the series.

Jodio is a small-time gangster living in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his older sibling Dragona and his mother Barbara Ann Joestar. He is a Stand user who wields November Rain, allowing him to create localized drops of rain that can crush his opponents.


Jodio Appearance.png

Jodio is a 15-year-old boy. He has light skin and light-colored hair with long jagged bangs partially obscuring both of his eyes and an undercut at the back. His hair is asymmetrical, as the right side is braided with a star-shaped ornamental hair clip attached, and the left side is cut just below his eye. He wears a large "JO" shaped earring that hangs from his left ear.

His outfit consists of a light shirt with small sleeves under dark overalls that double as a hoodie. It bears a heart symbol with wings on the center of his hoodie bearing an hourglass symbol with both triangles split into a dark and a bright half, as well as a belt around his chest. His legs are also studded in a vertical column with slits beside them. Jodio wears assorted fingerless gloves bearing the same hourglass symbol as his hoodie. He has an armband on each arm also shaped like two triangles. The overalls exposes most of his back. He also wears light-colored, arch-shaped shoulder pads.


Jodio threatening police officers

Jodio Joestar is a taciturn teenager with a materialistic outlook who lives a life of petty crime as a small-time hoodlum in Hawaii.

In his childhood, Jodio was diagnosed as possibly having antisocial personality disorder or, in other words, as being a psychopath. A test revealed several traits such as impulsiveness and an inability to feel remorse, among others.[2] As a matter of fact, his personality generally aligns with the diagnosis.

Jodio is uninterested in studying[3] and his greatest ambition is to become rich.[4] He started as a gofer at the age of 11,[5] which he continues to be at the age of 15, simply transporting things from one place to another. Jodio himself says he treated his job diligently and was always discreet, not speaking more than he needed to, which earned him recognition and trust in the criminal world.[5] As a lawbreaker, Jodio is accustomed to committing various misdeeds such as stealing vehicles[6] or dealing drugs at school.[3] When push comes to shove, Jodio will act violently. For instance, when a policeman molested his sibling, Jodio immediately took out his Stand November Rain and attacked the policeman and his partner, not only attacking them with his Stand ability but then angrily stomping them[7] and then burning their patrol car to erase any proof.[8] He seemingly hides his crimes from his mother.

Jodio is also somewhat aware of the existence of what he calls "mechanisms", some general principles that one should follow and can exploit to gain an advantage. For instance, he presents how the "trust" (as well as popularity) that he enjoys among his peers makes it so he and his family is loved, respected and protected to contrast to an unpopular kid who is getting bullied by his classmates.[9] Thus, in Jodio's mind, knowing and following those mechanisms could allow one to win, even if one had enemies. He nonetheless nuances his idea by saying that those mechanisms can sometimes be destroyed or taken.[4]

Jodio seems to be a rather reserved and solitary boy. Apart from his family, he doesn't seem to have any close friends. In fact, he explicitly declares that he isn't going to school to make friends.[3] However, he can be rather sociable and popular within his community as he is seen dancing with other men and flirting with other girls.[10]

While he stays quiet by himself most of the time, he is prone to violent outbursts, such as suddenly yelling at a classmate when the latter insists too much on getting drugs from him in public[11] or attacking policemen when his family is threatened.[7] His narration is also somewhat familiar and self-aware and he recognizes that his goal to become "filthy rich" can sound conceited.[12] Jodio has a lot of affection for his family which manifests as a protective instinct. He will run to his sibling's aid and he also explains that he is protecting his mother and ensuring her social status via his links with the criminal community of Hawaii.[13]

Jodio happens to read Rohan Kishibe's work and watches his anime online.[14]



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Jodio wields November Rain, a Stand that is able to create small drops of rain that are heavy enough to completely flatten an adult man into the ground.

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11-year-old Jodio recruited to be a gofer

Jodio is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and Suzi Q, and the son of Barbara Ann Joestar and an unnamed man. His family lived in Atlantic City but they moved to Honolulu before his parents separated for unknown reasons. When he was 11 years old, he was recruited into a criminal organization by someone from the neighborhood to become a gofer for them. His job involved transporting things and handing them over to others in exchange for money. By carrying out this job efficiently and not speaking any more than he had to, he gained recognition and trust within the gang, though he is still of low rank as their roles are based on seniority.

As a 15-year-old teenager, he goes to McKinley High School, where the boss of his gang is the school's principal. At one point, Jodio had to take a psychological test and it diagnosed him as possibly having antisocial personality disorder.[2] His mother was outraged but Jodio quietly accepted the result and promised to "be careful", although he privately resented being called "antisocial".

One day, Jodio and his older sibling Dragona go on a job to smuggle drugs in surfboards. They steal a pickup truck and Dragona creates a fake driver's license using their Stand.[1]

The JOJOLands

Selling Drugs in O'ahu

Jodio about to pummel the officer with raindrops

Jodio sits in the passenger seat of the pickup truck while Dragona drives, blasting Dua Lipa's music. They are suddenly stopped by police officers. One of the cops gets annoyed at Dragona questioning him and forces Dragona out of the car. He molests them under the pretense of "searching them" until Jodio decides to intervene. Jodio steps out of the car and demands the officer take his hands off his big brother, threatening to kill him otherwise. The officers point their guns at Jodio but he summons his Stand, causing rain droplets to pin the officer behind him to the ground, flattening him. Just before the other officer fires at Jodio, Dragona uses their Stand to slide the officer's eyes to the back of his head, throwing off his aim. Finally, Jodio attacks the officer with rain drops as well, crushing him. He continuously stomps on the cop before Dragona stops him, calming him down so that Jodio doesn't kill the man.

Jodio then burns the officers' body cameras and dashboard camera along with their car, so that the officers would have no evidence and won't be able to go after them. Moreover, Dragona uses their Stand to change the numbers on the truck's license plate and gets rid of their fake license before they head to their gang's rendezvous point. One of the gang members praises them for doing well but reprimands them for being late. He also asks them if they heard about a police car being burned down but Jodio and Dragona pretend to be ignorant. They walk until they get to a major road and then call an Uber to go home.

Jodio receives his new mission and allies

While Jodio is headed to school on the bus, his upperclassman Usagi Alohaoe asks him if he brought the stuff he wanted. Suddenly, Jodio pushes him off the seat and makes a scene, asking if Usagi is messing with him. Usagi is confused, but as they leave the bus, Jodio calls him over and apologizes. He takes the money from the boy's pocket and gives him directions of where to go to get the drugs.

Later that day, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco are summoned by their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, to the fashion boutique named Iko Iko. Meryl orders everyone to turn off their phones before showing them her own phone. On the screen is a natural blue 24 carats diamond worth 6 million dollars. It's owned by a Japanese tourist who owns a villa on the Island of Hawaii and plans to stay there for around 12 more days. Their group will be getting a 2% split all together, while Meryl gets an 18% cut after they sell it on the black market. She also informs them that they will be going as a team of four. The student who they sold drugs to at school in the morning arrives as their fourth member, as Meryl guarantees that he will be useful to them.[1]

Before the heist, Jodio and Paco want to complete another drug sale and a college student contacts them to buy drugs at a park. Jodio meets with the student but quickly suspects that she's an undercover police officer. The woman dismisses him, claiming that if she were a police officer, then she would have to confirm it if Jodio asked her the question. Jodio asks her and she lies. Immediately after the transaction is complete, she reveals herself as an undercover DEA agent and arrests Jodio as another group of officers arrest Paco. The DEA agent gloats, explaining that she only needs the drug as physical proof to arrest him. Jodio is manhandled by the duo of police officers from before who molested Dragona, and one of the officers threatens to molest him. Angered, Jodio uses November Rain to destroy the bag of drugs, forcing the police to let him go afterwards since they no longer have evidence.

The Heist

The day of the heist, Jodio, Dragona and Paco fly together to Hawaii Island and wait for Usagi at the airport. Usagi is late and makes light of his tardiness. However, he does the role he was assigned and brings the group to a car rental business where the group can rent a car. Usagi assures that the car will leave no trace of them because the company doesn't track the renter's whereabouts with onboard cameras or GPS recorders.

The group thus drives around Hawaii to the villa of said Japanese tourist and Jodio goes to scout the place first. He notes that the tourist is in the villa but also spots some drinks on the table of the terrace, as well as a towel, suggesting that the tourist will go swim in the pool for a moment. This gives the group the opportunity to sneak in and quickly steal the diamond. On the way, Usagi reveals his Stand The Matte Kudasai which morphs into a second security camera to produce a modified recording of the group with disguised faces when they trespass into the property. Jodio watches the pool and suddenly recognizes Rohan Kishibe, a famous manga artist.

Upcoming Legacy

Jodio describes himself as a boy who will go on to become filthy rich in the subtropical islands.[1]



  • Dragona Joestar: Jodio's older sibling. The two have a close relationship, working together to earn money and protect their mother. When Dragona is harassed by a police officer, Jodio angrily beats the man, leaving him half-dead. Dragona feels glad that Jodio did that for them and hugs him after.[1]
  • Barbara Ann Joestar: The mother of Jodio and Dragona, who raises them alone. Jodio and Dragona love her and ensure her social safety by helping her behind the scenes with their gang work.[1]


  • Paco Laburantes: Although they work together, Jodio does not consider Paco as his friend.[1]
  • Usagi Alohaoe: Usagi is in a higher grade than Jodio at their high school. Jodio is surprised when Meryl Mei Qi added him to the heist team but he trusts Meryl's word that Usagi is a good kid.[1]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Get your hands... off of big bro right now. Got me? Right now... or... you're dead meat.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • Everyone loves our mother. So mother is able to commute to the airport safely every day. That's because we brothers protect her.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • Mechanisms have power but they're invisible to the eyes.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • Mechanisms. Mechanisms of trust have power. Even if we don't obey the power called law in this town, trust keeps one safe.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • This is the story of me getting filthy rich. Sound like I'm exaggerating? Do I sound immodest and conceited to you? Becoming filthy rich means being able to earn lots of money.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • The pinnacle of mechanisms, that's something I can't see yet. But those mechanisms will come to appear before us as forms and shapes.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism
  • It's best not to say anything unnecessary. Besides, what does it matter? Those who can't see it never will.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 2: The Japanese Man on Hawaii Island
  • Could someone like me ever be happy? I mean, I think I probably could. If I just work for it... But the reality of the world is that there are hidden, unfair places where I'll meet scum like those guys. It makes me wanna lose my mind.
    —Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 2: The Japanese Man on Hawaii Island



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