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Heavy Weather, Part 10 (ヘビー・ウェザー その⑩, Hebī Wezā Sono 10), originally Sunlight (太陽の光, Taiyō no Hikari) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred thirty-fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred twenty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne has managed to grab Versus, but as everyone is transforming into snails, their situation is still dire and without escape. However, Jolyne is still determined to resolve everything.

Meanwhile, as Weather's leg has been cut off and Anasui is transforming into snails, they are nearly helpless against Pucci who is mysteriously immune to the snail outbreak. Pucci declares himself victorious and turns his back to the duo, but Weather suddenly jumps to him, his right leg replaced with that of Diver Down. A close quarter fight ensues, but Weather Report is more powerful and its ability to manipulate gusts of winds violently propel Pucci toward a car. Weather closes in and uses a karate chop on Pucci, but the priest decides to reflect the sun's rays with a wing mirror. Anasui's transformation drastically accelerate, but Diver Down is disabled, crippling Weather again.

Pucci then exposes the power subliminal messages has on the human mind, explaining that Heavy Weather modifies the atmosphere into influencing humans to believe that they are transforming into snails. However, since Heavy Weather is founded on sunlight, Pucci simply chose to extract his own eyesight, using only his bloodline connection to detect Weather.


The Green Baby
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Dio Brando
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  • The examples about subliminal effects given by Pucci in this chapter are taken from books written by Wilson Bryan Key, "Subliminal Seduction: Are You Being Sexually Aroused By This Picture?" (1974) and "Media Sexploitation" (1976) :
    • Rufus Phillips' campaign poster for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's 10th Congressional District election in 1976[3] having the word "SEX" airbrushed on it.
    • The experiments led by James Vicary about subliminal advertising's influence on moviegoers, that led to subliminal cuts being banned in the US.
  • Although Pucci says the movie Picnic was released in 1957, in reality the movie was released in 1955 in the United States and 1956 in Japan. However, James Vicary's experiments took place in 1957.
    • The magazine prepublication had a further mistake, with Pucci claiming the movie was released in 1975.



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