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"Green Day" and "Oasis" (『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』, "Gurīn Di" to "Oashisu") is the twenty-first story arc in Vento Aureo.

It narrates Team Bucciarati's arduous attempt to escape the duo of Passione Stand users Cioccolata and Secco, and the simultaneous battles between Giorno and Mista against Cioccolata and Bucciarati against Secco.


On a plane to Italy, Diavolo informs Doppio that Bucciarati's group has been spotted on a coastal village near Rome and that the city is their most likely location. He then describes Cioccolata, emphasizing the mad surgeon and his pet Secco's sadistic natures. Knowing they can get out of control, Diavolo tells Doppio that his mission is to oversee the operation.

Near Rome, the group realizes that the mold is a Stand attack. Narancia jumps into the boat but finds himself infected with the mold, which spreads more rapidly. Giorno deduces that the mold grows faster if people go "down," which Mista confirms. The group is being watched by Secco and Cioccolata, the latter asking himself why Mista isn't going down in the boat to help his comrade.[1]

After blowing up their boat to propel a mold-immobilized Narancia to safety,[2] Bucciarati and Mista have difficulty escaping from Secco's Oasis ability which allows him to liquefy the ground.[3] However, Bucciarati exploits his immunity to Green Day's mold and punches Secco away.[4] With Secco out of the way, they manage to steal a car and drive toward Rome.[5]

The gang realizes that Cioccolata's Green Day has spread its mold into Rome. They are forced to get out of the car when Cioccolata starts attacking them in a helicopter while Secco dives into the streets to fight them head on. Giorno and Mista immobilize the helicopter with their Stands and go confront the mad doctor while Bucciarati handles Secco.[6]

Giorno and Mista enter the helicopter only to see that Cioccolata is nowhere to be seen. Mista fires Sex Pistols but he nearly dies after Cioccolata attacks them.[7] After a long clash,[8] Giorno embeds a bullet into Cioccolata's head,[9] which turns into a beetle and begins to eat his brain, before pummeling the doctor and throwing him into a garbage truck.[10]

However, Secco receives a voicemail from Cioccolata just after the latter's death, as Cioccolata had heard of the group's goal: to reach the Colosseum and obtain an unstoppable power.[11] Bucciarati, physically outclassed by Secco, escapes toward the Colosseum, causing their fight to become a race toward the third party:[12] unbeknownst to either combatant, their target is none other than Jean Pierre Polnareff.[13] Bucciarati deafens Secco by bursting his eardrums, which cripples his fighting ability.[14]

Desperate to escape, Secco takes a nearby boy hostage; Bucciarati simply zips the boy open to punch Secco's throat. Unable to remove the zipper, Secco bleeds out and falls into a garbage truck, just as his partner had. At this moment, the life energy Giorno had given Bucciarati begins to run out, causing him to lose his vision and ability to stand. Though Doppio considers killing Bucciarati, he decides to let him lead the boss to their goal instead.[15]


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