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This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney's FastPlay. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass FastPlay, select the Main Menu button at any time. FastPlay will begin in a moment... (このDVDは、ディズニー・ファストプレイ仕様になっており。本編に続いて、おすすめの映像特典が自動的に再生されます。ファストプレイでご覧にならない場合は、メニューボタンを押してください。まもなく、ファストプレイが始まります。Kono DVD wa, Dizunī FasutoPurei shiyō ni natte ori. Honpen ni tsudzuite, osusume no eizō tokuten ga jidōteki ni saisei sa remasu. FasutoPurei de goran ni naranai baai wa, Menyū botan o oshite kudasai. Mamonaku, FasutoPurei ga hajimarimasu.)
—FastPlay Narrator, Disney DVD

Hudgyn Sasdarl (ハジーン・サスダール Hajīn Sasudāru) is a JoJo Wiki user. A close associate of fellow JoJo PS2 modder penguino, Hudgyn has been responsible for several mods and patches for GioGio's Bizarre Adventure,[2] and the two have released an English translation of the Phantom Blood PS2 game.[3][4]

User Content

HudgynS's sandbox page, consisting mostly of GioGio character movesets and previous blog posts, can be found here. In addition, Hudgyn uses a custom alternate Part 1 wiki theme inspired by the Phantom Blood PS2 game.

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