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I'm the type who gets so caught up in the torture process that I don’t extract any information at all. (私は拷問に熱中してしまって、結果何も聞き出せない…というタイプよ)
—Hitagi Senjougahara

Hudgyn Sasdarl (ハジーン・サスダール, Hajīn Sasudāru) is a JoJo Wiki user. A close associate of fellow JoJo PS2 modder penguino, Hudgyn has been responsible for several mods and patches for GioGio's Bizarre Adventure,[2] and the two have released an English translation of the Phantom Blood PS2 game.[3][4]


Okay now you just being an smart-aleck know-it-all, a--hole right now
—KarlSinghilinson, to Hudgyn

When first introduced to a situation, Hudgyn prefers to remain quiet and adjust to their surroundings in peace before slowly increasing the magnitude of their contributions. However, this is a mere facade to avoid harm: the true Hudgyn Sasdarl is a hateful person who lives a life of vexation and hides their vileness beneath a teasing face. Once they become comfortable in a given scenario, they consistently take a mocking attitude toward people and media, often pointing out what they see as detrimental with a sneering "lmao." Hudgyn particularly enjoys mocking JoJolion, citing what they see as a lack of focus or restraint, poor time management, abrupt shifts in characterization and detail, and inability to communicate its themes in an interesting manner. Though they are most pleased by their own jabs, they nonetheless support others' petty insults to nearly the same degree.

Hudgyn's insistence on poking fun at problems leads them to constantly adjust and tamper with their own contributions, hastily correcting any mistakes they see. Often, this leads to a bigger problem than the one they began with, which of course they then also attempt to tackle. The most notable example of this is their GioGio's Bizarre Adventure translation patch, which saw continuous updates of varying scale for over three years after its release. In the case of wiki articles, this habit often manifests as one large edit with an edit description followed by several minor edits with no edit description. This, ironically, is shown to have hindered Hudgyn's ability to deliver information on their first attempt, and they often require multiple attempts or edits to convey what they mean to convey. They notably fear slipping into altered states of mind such as drunkenness and insanity, believing that losing control over their own mind will cause them to commit mistakes that they cannot rectify.

Hudgyn has demonstrated the ability to enjoy media that caters to their tastes. Games such as GioGio's Bizarre Adventure and manga such as Phantom Blood and Gorgeous Irene's various one-shots have earned their approval, despite various minor complaints with varying degrees of plausibility. While the reasoning behind Hudgyn's tastes are unknown, they generally seem to prefer works that "know what they want to convey" and refrain from "trying to be more than they are." In order, their favorite parts of the JoJo manga are Parts 5, 1, 3, 6, 4, 2, 9, 7, and 8 (presumably with a large gap between Parts 7 and 8); their favorite parts of the JoJo anime, in order, are 5, 6, 3, 2, 1, and 4, which should tell you all you need to know about their inability to distinguish true quality.

Strangely, Hudgyn chooses to associate themselves with a fictional character named Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari and its sequels. While their exact reasoning remains a mystery, it is worth noting that Senjougahara is initially characterized by her harsh tongue, brutal honesty, and insurmountable stubbornness and pride. Senjougahara also prominently displays growth as a human being as the series continues, something that Hudgyn seems clearly incapable of.

In other words, they are a typical resident of Ohio.

User Content

Hudgyn's sandbox page, consisting mostly of GioGio character movesets and previous blog posts, can be found here. In addition, Hudgyn uses a custom alternate Part 1 wiki theme inspired by the Phantom Blood PS2 game.


Published November 19, 2011
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Published June 15, 2005

Future Plans

  • De facto maintenance for the Stone Ocean English publication.


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I recently watched the theater play adaptation of Under Execution, Under Jailbreak. Or maybe I watched a theater play that happens to use three lines from and share the same title as Under Execution, Under Jailbreak. Who can be sure? I am not particularly a fan of performance art, though I do appreciate the level of artistry being employed in the set design and choreography. The music isn't that bad, either, at least until the fifth or sixth repetition of each piece. What is it in service of, then? I wish I had an answer. The parallel drawn between the titular work and Dolce, and His Master is a great idea in concept, but you need to do something with it. The play briefly flirts with their premises, but from there it mainly becomes a series of unrelated exercises in repetitive motion, each going on around three iterations too long. I understand that the work is aimed at those who prefer watching the elegant movements of the human body, but the sampled "monologues" would probably become a turn-off in that scenario. For that reason, I struggle to understand who Under Execution, Under Jailbreak is for. Practicing artists? Necrophiliacs? People sexually attracted to cats?