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Go! Foo Fighters (行くぞ!フー・ファイターズ Iku Zo! Fū Faitāzu) is the fourth volume of Stone Ocean and the sixty-seventh volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the second half of the There's Six of Them! story arc, the Foo Fighters story arc and the first half of the Marilyn Manson, the Debt Collector story arc.


Author's Note

About my lack of sleep. It seems that genetic code determines how much time a person needs to sleep. But recently, a strange event happened. Until six months before, I didn't have a clear mind without my eight hours of sleep, but lately, I've noticed that three or four hours were enough and that I didn't want to sleep for eight hours anymore even though I knew it was bad for my health. What caused this transformation? My change of diet? My pillow? This is a complete mystery.



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