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Prisoner of Love (プリズナー・オブ・ラヴ Purizunā Obu Ravu) is the third volume of Stone Ocean and the sixty-sixth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the end of The Visitor story arc, the Ermes's Sticker story arc and the first half of the There's Six of Us! story arc.


Author's Note

Observation of the nature surrounding us, N°5

The foot of the "nameko" mushroom is very long, like a stem, it is said to be delicious too. However the majority of the people find it ugly; shopkeepers are forced to cut them or else they don't sell. As for me I've decided that my tomatoes would have a real tomato "smell". Nowadays farmers manage to produce odorless tomatoes, because a lot of consumers find the smell "disgusting". Did you know that?

Besides, I have a feeling that the same practice happens in the world of manga. Be careful.



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