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F.F. - The Witness, Part 1 (F・F-目撃者 その①, Efu Efu - Mokugekisha Sono 1), originally Tracking Sensor (追跡センサー, Tsuiseki Sensā) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-third chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Anasui orders Yo-Yo Ma to move to the corner of the boat. Stepping on its head, Anasui commands Yo-Yo Ma to take out everything in its pockets, unfazed by the holes opening in his arm. The Stand pulls out many miscellaneous items from its pockets as the holes begin to reach Anasui's ear. The Stand also explains that, as an automatic one, it has already locked on to Jolyne, and will not rest until she is dead.

Anasui strikes Yo-Yo Ma's head with Diver Down, but to no effect. Jolyne theorizes that the Stand must have mixed its saliva with the swamp water, relying on the boat's speed to splash the saliva onto them. Anasui does not reach the same conclusion, and instead commands Yo-Yo Ma to speed up the boat, to Jolyne's horror. Before Yo-Yo Ma can obey Anasui's command, however, it finds itself distracted by new instincts, and begins to hop on all fours and eat bugs. As Yo-Yo Ma hides from the birds flying overhead, Anasui confidently states that the Stand's attack has stopped.

Earlier, when Anasui struck the Stand's head, he used Diver Down to wire its tracking sensor to a frog's brain, effectively neutralizing it. Yo-Yo Ma remembers its mission, and its means of attack: by placing strips of plastic on the propeller, the Stand has been able to use the friction and the static electricity it generates to scatter its saliva. Yet, in its current state, the Stand can do little more than pursue female frogs and devour beetles. Anasui and Jolyne can now rest and wait for F.F. to defeat D an G and heal their wounds.


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