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Made in Heaven, Part 9 (メイド・イン・ヘブン その⑨, Meido In Hebun Sono 9), originally Insertion (ズブッ, Zubu) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred fifty-seventh and penultimate chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred fifty-first chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Emporio tries to flee from Pucci, still weeping out of terror and sadness. However, the priest follows him and explains in detail that everything he'll be doing is predicted. Sneaking through a ghost crack in the wall, Emporio stumbles into two guards who wonder what a child is doing in the prison. Suddenly, all three people somehow predict that one of the guards will trip. Emporio tries to run away, prompting the guards to go after him, but Pucci opens the door where Emporio was headed. Yelling, Emporio suddenly makes a U-turn, making the guard trip as predicted.

Pucci now begins a speech about Fate, assuring that people are fated to meet, and that the universe follows a cycle; he then explains that by making humans live through the accelerated time, he imprinted the knowledge of the future into their consciousness and call this "happiness", as he gives humanity the opportunity of knowing and accepting their fate. Meanwhile, Emporio still tries to run away, approaching the stairs in which his room is hidden. Trying to stop himself from going right since his room is a known hiding spot, Emporio runs to the left, despairing that his gun was left at the bottom of the ocean. In his desperation, Emporio trips on a mop and falls down the stairs.

Pucci is now at the top of the stairs, looking down on the helpless Emporio. Pucci, declaring that only he can escape his Fate, is bound to fight Emporio in the future if he lets him be. He explains this is why he stopped the acceleration of time at the prison in order to know where Emporio would be, and asks the boy to accept his death. Made in Heaven then attacks Emporio as the child tries to slip into the ghost room. Pucci also follows Emporio into the crack, but suddenly realizes that Emporio has Weather Report's DISC in his head. Moreover, Emporio now has a defiant look in his eyes.

Now in the ghost room, Emporio explains that he purposefully entered the crack to make a blind spot and use Made in Heaven to change his fate. As the boy declares his debt to Weather and Jolyne, Weather Report comes forward to defend its new user.


Weather Report
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Jolyne Cujoh
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A girl I know passed her exams, or the editor of another magazine getting married, Ah! I thought spring would come.



  • The right side of the chapter cover was not present in the magazine prepublication. It was added later for subsequent versions.


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