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Made in Heaven, Part 2 (メイド・イン・ヘブン その②, Meido in Hebun Sono 2), originally Wilting (シュンッ, Shun) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred fiftieth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred forty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Around the world, strange events are happening. A little girl orders an ice cream, but as soon as she takes it, the ice cream has already melted. Meanwhile, a class of little children are making a rope jump contest, jumping in time with the music. The music plays at high speed, and the children, trying to follow the rhythm, all fall exhausted. Meanwhile, every emission on the TV channels are interrupted for a commercial break. A little girl sneezes, but when she tries to wipe her nose, the mucus has already hardened. At the same time, the rumor of accelerating time spreads, while a test ends as soon as it begins.

A restaurant client, trying to put a little sauce on his tonkatsu, spills the whole bottle on it. A man trying to call his banker realizes that the call lasted 6 hours. A couple realizes their are breaking their record for the longest intimate moment yet. A manga artist realizes he is late and puts the blame on his assistants. Meanwhile a girl passes the day reading her comics. An employee enters a giant freezer to take some meat, but freezes not long after entering it. During a game of baseball, the pitcher throws his balls at high speed, but when a batter finally manages to hit the ball, it falls toward him and tears off the pitcher's jaw. A woman crossing a street is run over by a car. Finally, helicopters trying to land go down too rapidly for the pilots to react, and they crash.

Jolyne, Jotaro, Ermes, Anasui and Emporio notice that time itself is accelerating, leaving humans lagging behind at a normal speed. Night sets in, and Jotaro notices a shadow creeping around the group. While everyone decides to move away from the open space, Jotaro stops time with Star Platinum, managing to see the new Stand briefly. To Jotaro's dismay, time resumes before he could act. Anasui and the others pull Jotaro up a roof, and Anasui uses this moment to ask permission to marry Jolyne from her father.


People Affected by Made In Heaven
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