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Gravity of the New Moon, Part 1 (新月の重力 その①, Shingetsu no Jūryoku Sono 1), originally Horizontal (水平, Suihei) in the WSJ release, is the one hundred thirty-ninth chapter of Stone Ocean and the seven hundred thirty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


As Jolyne, Emporio, Ermes, and Anasui approach Cape Canaveral, Emporio pulls out his ghost computer out of his bag and uses it to display a map of the site, much to Ermes's struggle to hold it initially. Emporio and the others try to think of a course of action, but a distracted Jolyne noticed that animals are running wildly alongside the road.

The car's engine stops working and everyone sees that somehow, many people and miscellaneous items are rolling toward them, soon followed by a mass of cars. It is not until Ermes begins to be mysteriously attracted to the back of the car that the group understands that gravity is now pulling them sideways. Their car begins to also fall toward the horizon. Although Jolyne, Emporio, and Anasui manage to hang onto a railing, Ermes remains trapped and disappears into the horizon.


Enrico Pucci
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  • In the Weekly Shonen Jump edition, this chapter was given the opening tagline "Emporio casually... proves his usefulness!!" (何気にエンポリオ…使える男!!, Nanige ni Enporio... tsukaeru otoko!!), with the phrase split between two pages on the ellipsis. The tagline, one of many during Stone Ocean's serialization to have awkward writing, was later printed in JOJOVELLER as a stand-out example.


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