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When All Curses Are Broken (全ての呪いが解けるとき, Subete no Noroi ga Tokeru Toki), originally titled Kaato Higashikata's "Attack" (東方花都の“攻撃”, Higashikata Kāto no "Kōgeki"), is the one hundred seventh chapter of JoJolion and the nine hundred fifty fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Josuke Higashikata finds himself alone at the TG University Hospital after his Soft & Wet: Go Beyond's invisible bubble has managed to wound Toru. After the arduous battle, Josuke wanders in the hospital, briefly visiting Holy Joestar-Kira's bedroom then heading out of the hospital.

Meanwhile at the Higashikata House, Yasuho nervously observes Kaato Higashikata confront Toru, who is deeply wounded and on the ground. In tears, Kaato mentions the "mezame" potatoes of the Incas, reciting a cream stew recipe that she reveals was one of Jobin's favorite recipes. She tearfully says that she has been renting an apartment nearby and made the stew for Jobin, which she's brought to the house, only to discover his corpse. Yasuho warns Kaato not to approach Toru and explains the situation to her. She notably stresses that Toru has just eaten a new Locacaca and is trying to heal his wound by touching someone and making an Equivalent Exchange.

Daiya and Hato also come out of the house, asking what is happening, but Kaato tells them to stay where they are, wanting to be with Jobin. Yasuho repeats her warning, and Toru suddenly grabs and manages to make a toolbox fall. Taking a pruning saw in his hand, Toru tries to stand up to threaten Kaato with the tool. Pointing the saw at Kaato, Toru begins speaking about a rock on the coast which "witnesses dreams and memories." Stating that only those dreams remain at the end, Toru taunts Kaato about the Higashikata Family's ruined dreams. Thus, Kaato flicks several cards towards Toru, intending to use her Stand Space Trucking despite Yasuho's warnings. Toru continues his taunting, to which Kaato responds by sending another card at Toru, squashing his arms and leg between two cards. Yasuho panics, thinking that another calamity will come, but Kaato explains her ability. She reveals that she hasn't exactly attacked Toru and has just immobilized him by hiding his arms in the space between cards. Thus, despite Wonder of U's presence, the Stand is not attacking yet. Walking away from Toru, Kaato continues explaining her ability and intents while dispersing her cards near the Locacaca pot, stating that she knows about the fruit's healing properties. Confused, Toru asks what her aim is, to which Kaato answers that she is weighing her options, revealing a glimpse of an object between her cards.

A flashback occurs. At some point in the past, Jobin meets with Kaato in his room, having trouble setting a pin on his cuffs. Seeing Jobin's frustration, Kaato comes to help her son get fully dressed and notices his nervousness. Jobin tries to deny it, but Kaato chastises her son for his hesitation and asks what he is hiding. Jobin thus carefully closes the door and the shutters, all the while saying that an "enemy" will come soon. Next, he shows her his strangely healed Miyama stag beetle in its box, which has undergone an exchange with his hercules beetle. Finally, Jobin reveals the potted Locacaca in his cabinet to Kaato. Explaining how he acquired the branch and its properties, Jobin finally says that he fears for Tsurugi and wonders if he should talk about the fruit to his father. Kaato suddenly slaps her son, shooting down the possibility of letting in Norisuke on this secret because his ethics wouldn't serve their goal to free the Higashikata Family of their curse. Praising Jobin on his achievements, Kaato uses her cards to partly hide the Locacaca plant, but instructs her son to keep it in the cabinet for now.

In the present, Kaato reveals what she has been hiding in her deck. To everybody's shock, it is Tsurugi that Kaato makes appear. She drops the boy on Toru, his hand touching Toru's cheek, and thus an Equivalent Exchange begins between Toru and Tsurugi.


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