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This article is about the 2000 OVA soundtrack. For the TV anime soundtrack, see Stardust Crusaders (Anime) § Soundtracks.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Original Soundtrack is the original soundtrack for the 2000 Stardust Crusaders OVA series, composed by Marco d'Ambrosio. The soundtrack disc was distributed in a dedicated case at North American promotional events, and later bundled with the box set of the OVA released on May 25, 2007.[2][3][4]


No. Title (English) Description
1 Magician's Red An introduction to the power of Avdol's Stand. 1:37
2 Birth of Star Platinum The magnificent force is deep within JoJo, and he is starting to find it. 1:21
3. FlashBack An intense moment when JoJo sees a long family history with DIO. 1:23
4. Kakyoin Kakyoin's cool yet strong character comes through in this cue. 1:29
5. Star Platinum/Garden After a fierce standoff between JoJo and Avdol, their growing friendship brings us to a quiet moment in Holy's garden. 4:48
6. J. Geil J. Geil's theme is introduced here, during the description of one of his grotesque murders. 1:06
7. Holy/The Plane During a plane flight, everyone's concern for Holy is interrupted. 1:31
8. Polnareff vs Avdol Polnareff introduces himself, with his typical comical French bravado. 2:09
9. Polnareff's Anger Polnareff's moods change easily, and he is quick to anger. 1:14
10. The Crane/At Sea Again A surprising change of music for a surprising new kind of enemy Stand. 3:32
11. Battle Music This music helps show the fierce, fighting strength of JoJo and his new friends. 2:54
12. In The Mirror There is something strange that cannot be seen, and Polnareff is not at ease. 1:41
13. Polnareff Searches Polnareff is deeply hurt by his sister's death and he's determined to find her killer. 1:07
14. J. Geil and the Snake Hol Horse and J. Geil are truly sick and evil. 1:04
15. Polnareff's Feelings Polnareff feels he must pursue his own goals and leave his friends behind. 4:59
16. Sanskrit Chant This music tries to capture the flavor of the land, the world these characters are venturing into. 0:54
17. Hanged Man Enters Ruthless and almost invisible, Hanged Man is everywhere you look. 2:59
18. Polnareff's Battle The speed and sharpness of Silver Chariot! 1:11
19. The Chase/Dying Imposter The evil Stands are also smart and elusive. 1:44
20. The Funeral A funeral song fit for a great and noble warrior. 1:30
21. Battle/Avdol/Calmness Everything in JoJo's world is not always as it seems, it's never over when you think it is. 5:13
22. Dark Tension Death and mystery shroud a city with a cold veil. 2:33
23. Enya's Last Words A powerful old woman is defeated, yet her secret dies with her. 4:05
24. JoJo's Counter-Attack JoJo grows in strength and mind with every battle. 1:18
25. Old Woman/Inn/She Knew Enya's beauty is cleverly disguised, or is it? 2:47
26. Crisis JoJo's theme in one of its many forms. 0:57
27. End Credits Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? 2:35
Titles and Descriptions with Comment from Marco d'Ambrosio
Disc Length (60:47)


Music Staff
Marco d'Ambrosio
Marco d'Ambrosio
Production Staff 
  • Produced by: Marco d'Ambrosio
  • Soundtrack Co-Produced by: Terri d'Ambrosio
  • Remixed and Mastered by: Mark Behm
  • Recorded and Mastered at MarcoCo. Studios
Album Artist 
Junichi Hayama

Comment from the Composer

When asked to work on this prequel for JoJo, after having first worked on the sequel many years earlier, I was very happy and excited. I thought this is just like Star Wars! Because of that, I knew the challenges were going to be the same. In scoring these episodes, I tried to keep the same themes for the main characters except a little less developed and orchestrated so that if all the episodes were to be played consecutively there would be a natural progression in the music. At the same time, I also wanted to use more contemporary technology and musical styles, so I used more guitars, electronics and modern beats than in the sequel. It's amazing that I have been a part of JoJo for more than 10 years! it has truly become an important part of my career. It's a bizarre adventure for sure, and I'm glad to be a part of it. I hope this music will help make you a part of it also.
—Marco d'Ambrosio




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