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You are a... "person who came prepared"...... aren't you (あなた•••「覚悟して来てる人』••••••ですよね)

Giorno Giovanna (ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ, Joruno Jobāna) was confirmed for the game alongside Guido Mista, Pannacotta Fugo and Narancia Ghirga.

Since most of the game's animation, effects and attacks were reused from All-Star Battle, Giorno's repertoire of abilities remains mostly the same, though with some new additions to aid him in battle.

As a Stand user, Giorno is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.

Giorno interacts with stage objects not by breaking them or picking them up, but by transforming them into small creatures. Depending on the size of the object in question, it can either be transformed into a flying fish that flies towards the nearest opponent to attack them, or a hidden snake that bites and inflicts Poison on opponents whom attempt to interact with it.


  • Style Action - Gold Experience Requiem!: Giorno pierces Gold Experience with the Arrow in an attempt to evolve it into Gold Experience Requiem. While he is left vulnerable to attacks, if the animation fully plays out uninterrupted, Requiem will emerge, and Giorno gains a completely new array of moves. Giorno may manually cancel the transformation with a Flash Cancel or DHA. Once the transformation is successful the first time, not only will the cooldown on the skill be reduced drastically, subsequent transformations will also be immediate.
  • Gold Experience!: Gold Experience punches the ground, causing a number of wooden branches entwined together to rapidly sprout forward. The branches will paralyze any opponent they touch and leave them vulnerable to further attack, but will also immediately collapse. Even if they do not connect with an opponent, they will remain as an active trap for a longer period of time before collapsing.
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA: Gold Experience attacks by rapidly punching 12 times while advancing forward, the final hit sending opponents flying.
  • I've got the perfect attack for you.../Now this is a part of me!: The attack unleashed is dependent on whether or not the activating button is held. If pressed, Giorno turns one of the ladybug brooches on his chest into a frog. While active, Giorno's stamina gauge will slowly drain. Any attack by an opponent that is not a DHA or received from behind will cause them to be sent flying a long distance away, and the ability's damage is proportional to that of the opponent's own attack. However, Giorno may not use Normal Attacks or Powerful Attacks, and attempting to use other skills, a DHA, or his Style Action will immediately banish the frog. If held, Giorno uses his life-giving ability to heal himself using one of his ladybug brooches. While the health regained is substantial, this ability takes time to perform, and can be interrupted. Using it will also increase the cooldown on the skill.
  • Life, spring forth!: Giorno instantly grows a tree under his feet, becoming invincible for a brief instance. This skill can assist in evasion, setting up air attacks, or can allow Giorno to reach high places for traversal. He may cancel the skill into any action, upon which the tree will crumble.
  • EX - Gold Experience!: The skill executes quicker and Giorno gains super armor until the attack begins.
  • EX - MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA: The skill executes quicker and Giorno gains super armor until the attack begins.

Gold Experience Requiem

While Gold Experience Requiem is active, Giorno's movement speed receives an incredible boost, and his moveset changes completely. All Normal and Powerful attacks start in the air, with the two taking flight and covering a considerable distance with each attack. Giorno is also able to see and attack Diavolo while time is being erased via his "All movement is useless now!" Style Action. GER is still not permanent, however, and Gold Experience will revert to its original form after some time.

  • Style Action - That which is inherited must move toward what lies beyond!: Giorno takes the Arrow from GER, prematurely reverting it back into Gold Experience.
  • He cannot even reach the final fate ordained for him: death.: Giorno and GER fly forward with a single punch. If that punch connects, GER will follow up with a barrage of 23 punches, sending the target flying a long distance away, while Giorno himself becomes invincible during the entire attack.
    • This skill has a unique, special effect: Should the attack be used to Retire an opponent before their partner, a Soul Succession will not activate and the battle will immediately resume, leaving the remaining opponent without the usual Inherited Will power-up.
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAAA!: Giorno rises into the air as GER rapidly punches 12 times while advancing forward, the final hit sending opponents flying.
  • There's no road ahead for you.: GER unleashes its ability to return any action to zero. In a radius around Giorno, a sphere of black energy that distorts colors will appear and expand. This move is unblockable. Any opponent that comes in contact with the energy will immediately be staggered for a very long period of time and be left completely vulnerable to attack. The energy will overpower/nullify any and all opposing attacks and projectiles, and even opponents that have super armor or even invincibility under normal circumstances still remain vulnerable to it. This ability can be activated even if Giorno is being hit or is caught in a combo with any attack that is not a Dual Combo Finish or DHA. It is also capable of curing him of any afflicted status ailments upon activation. Giorno may cancel the skill at any time with any of his other skills.
  • EX - He cannot even reach the final fate ordained for him: death.: Giorno flies farther and with increased speed, the attack itself deals more damage, and he is also invincible until the attack begins.
  • EX - MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAAA!: Giorno is invincible for the entire duration of the attack, and GER unleashes 8 more hits.

Dual Heat Attacks

Giorno can only participate in Special DHAs while Gold Experience is in its base form.

  • Solo (Normal) - WRYYYYYYYYYYY!: Gold Experience pummels the opponent at an upward angle over an extended period while the camera shifts perspective multiple times, ending with a downward hook that launches them hard into the ground (referencing his iconic 7-page long beating of Cioccolata).
    • Solo (Gold Experience Requiem) - Your "end" has no ending!: GER releases its power as a sphere of black energy that distorts colors appears and expands until completely encompassing the opponent, leaving them completely unable to take action. With Requiem claiming to the opponent that they will "never reach reality", Giorno and his Stand fly forward and attack their target with a powerful barrage of punches, ending with a forceful punch to the face that knocks them out of the energy zone.
  • With Bucciarati - Double Arrivederci: Giorno has Gold Experience punch the opponent away and onto the ground, before Bucciarati has Sticky Fingers place a zipper on the ground. The zipper rapidly closes and two ride it to close the distance on their target, before they leap into the air. In unison, both Giorno and Bucciarati inform the opponent of their resolve before Gold Experience and Sticky Fingers pummel their target while letting out their Stand Cries. The two Stands glow with golden and blue auras, respectively, and finish their assault with a joint uppercut that sends the opponent high into the air, while both users bid them an "Arrivederci".
  • With Mista - True resolve!!: Mista, claiming that his true resolve has just begun, aggressively fires away at the opponent, each shot getting redirected by Sex Pistols multiple times to hit them at different angles. Giorno subsequently appears and jumps high into the air until he is directly above the opponent. Following up on Mista's statement by telling him that true resolve "isn't about self-sacrifice", Giorno proceeds to stomp down on the target several times with Gold Experience, the final kick hitting with the impact to launch him off and create a shockwave. Both attacks are references to the two's battle against Ghiaccio.
  • With DIO - Surpassing Existence!: DIO summons The World to batter the opponent, before being joined by Giorno and Gold Experience. After exchanging looks, both of them yell out their shared Stand Cry in unison and attack their target with steadily increasing power, before delivering a combined powerful strike that sends the opponent reeling.

Costumes & Tints


Giorno EOH menu.png
  • I hate pointless things. MUDA MUDA...: Giorno must connect "I've got the perfect attack for you". (200 Points)
  • Something new is coming out!: Giorno must transform a total of 3 stage objects. (200 Points)
  • Are you sure you'll be able to survive this?: Giorno must connect "There's no road ahead for you." twice. (300 Points)
  • True resolve means cutting open a bright path through the darkest of fields!: Giorno must perform a Dual Combo Finish. (500 Points)
  • That's what Gold Experience Requiem does.: Giorno must Retire an opponent while GER is active. (800 Points)


He is paired with Mista in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Rohan Kishibe and Polnareff in the first round, and Kosaku Kawajiri and Weather Report in the second. In the semifinals, they are defeated by Bucciarati and Trish in the first round.

Relationships in Eyes of Heaven

(The information below derives from a Video Game not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.)

Giorno Star Eoh.png
  • Yukako Yamagishi - Giorno has a tendency to swindle other characters in his Eyes of Heaven interactions, acting much like he did in the early chapters of Vento Aureo. Giorno, underestimating her, attempts to scam Yukako by offering a taxi ride for 8,000 yen, but she doesn't fall for Giorno's trick and demands for him to lower the price. Realizing his mistake, Giorno comments that it "looks like I decided to talk to the wrong girl." In another interaction, Yukako warns Giorno that she has come to retrieve Koichi's stolen bag (referencing Giorno stealing Koichi's luggage at the start of Vento Aureo). After the match is over, he acknowledges her ability, saying that "Koichi really found himself an unforgettable girlfriend…"
  • Josuke Higashikata - Giorno steals Josuke's wallet, causing Josuke to tremble with anger upon discovering it's been stolen. Giorno notices that it "only has 12 yen," a reference to the "Shigechi's Harvest" arc. After a match between the two, Giorno notes that his Stand ability and Josuke's are similar. When paired together, the two consider themselves a great tag team and note it is like they can read each other's moves.
  • Jolyne Cujoh - Much like Josuke, Giorno steals her wallet, causing her to become angry, but soon realizes that there are only five dollars left in her wallet, "not even enough to buy a pizza." However, in another interaction, Giorno asks Jolyne to partner up for a fight. In their dialogue after the match is over, they reference their fathers' "catchphrases" ('Yare yare daze and 'muda'). The two feel like they had already met, likely referencing the battle between their fathers.
  • Joseph Joestar - Giorno describes Joseph's Ripple ability as "a feeling of numbness different from the Stands".
  • Old Joseph Joestar - Giorno thought Joseph was just an old man and that he was a little repulsive. Giorno also tried to scam him. In another interaction, Joseph is surprised that Giorno is DIO's son. If the former wins, Joseph realizes Giorno is biologically his uncle due to DIO taking Jonathan's body, surprising himself even more.
  • Jonathan Joestar - When the two are the same team, Giorno will ask Jonathan everything he knows about DIO. If victorious, Giorno will mention that DIO is his father, surprising Jonathan.
  • DIO - In quotes and character actions, he has clear interactions with DIO (and curiously none from the original Dio Brando), from actually admiring him, refusing to serve his father, to scoffing him off to a mere path to progress. However, he does acknowledge his patriarchy, which DIO surprisingly reciprocates by acknowledging him as his son. They have a dual heat attack where both pummels their enemies repeatedly with their shared battle cry.
  • Jotaro Kujo - Part 4 Jotaro clearly knows who he is. They have banters and lines of mutual admiration for one another. In hidden files for an unrealized Part 6 Jotaro, their interaction is even more apparent, going as far as to Jotaro daring Giorno to consider if he's an ally or an enemy, or Giorno asking Jotaro if he's fine dealing with himself, DIO's son.



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