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Using the same move on me twice was a bad idea![1] (このオレに二度同じ手を使うことは、すでに凡策なんだよ!)

Joseph Joestar (ジョセフ・ジョースター, Josefu Jōsutā) as he appears in Battle Tendency was one of the first characters confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Caesar Zeppeli, Rudol von Stroheim, Jotaro Kujo, Noriaki Kakyoin, Josuke Higashikata, and Diego Brando.

As a Ripple user, Joseph has a Ripple Gauge that determines the strength of his attacks. Filling up the gauge will automatically empower his Normal and Powerful Attacks, and enhance/alter the properties of all his skills. It will also shorten the cooldown time on said skills. Using skills will drain a portion of the Ripple Gauge until there's an insufficient amount to use. 


  • Style Action - Ripple Breathing: Joseph performs a pose and Ripple Breathes, filling up the Ripple Gauge. He cannot move and is vulnerable to attacks while doing so. 
  • Ripple!: Joseph uses the Ripple to instantly block attacks using the Stamina Gauge in place of his guard durability, and is capable of deflecting projectiles from the front. The skill will last as long as the inputted button is held, or until the Stamina Gauge empties. If Ripple-enhanced, the angle of the guard at which projectiles can be deflected is increased. 
  • Clacker Boomerang/Clacker Volley: The attack unleashed is dependent on whether or not the activating button is held. If pressed, Joseph throws a Ripple-infused Clacker as a projectile, which returns to him after flying a set distance, doing more damage the more of the Ripple Gauge is filled. If held, Joseph pulls out two Clackers and begins a three-step combo that ends with him swinging a Clacker downward, sending opponents caught into the ground hard enough for them to bounce. 
  • I'm so outta here!: Joseph performs a special dash with his signature run. If he is locked on to something when the skill is performed, Joseph will automatically run in the direction opposite to it, otherwise he will simply run forward. He is invincible until he actually starts moving. If Ripple-enhanced, the skill's invincibility length and distance is increased. 
  • A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!: Exclusive to Joseph are a variety of special Items that he can use in combat. He can hold up to three different Items at any time, and can find more in suitcases strewn about the stage. An Item Icon displays how many and which Items are currently in Joseph's possession. The suitcases can be picked up and thrown by opponents in order to prevent him from obtaining Items. 
    • Tequila: Joseph can hold 2 charges; He uses the Ripple to pop a bottle of tequila open, hitting the opponent with the cap and knocking them into the air. If an opponent is in range, a coconut will fall out of nowhere and onto their heads, leaving them crumpling and open to further attacks. Joseph is invincible up until the attack activates. If Ripple-enhanced, the length of invincibility and damage dealt is increased. 
    • Tommy Gun: Joseph can hold 10 charges; He instantly pulls a Tommy Gun out from behind him to shoot opponents with volleys of bullets. Every 7 bullets consumes a charge, allowing Joseph to continuously fire anywhere from 7 up to 63 bullets in a single attack. 
      • This'll Blow You Away!: If Joseph inputs the attack a second time during "Tommy Gun", or if he only has one charge left, this attack will occur and use up any remaining charges; Joseph knocks an opponent into the air with the butt of the gun and transfers a blast of the Ripple into them using a few more bullets. The damage of the attack is dependent on how many charges used to effect it. If Ripple-enhanced, the damage dealt is increased. 
    • Sledgehammer: Joseph can hold 3 charges; He pulls out a sledgehammer to smash opponents with in a large overhead swing. The shockwave created spreads out and downs any opponent in range. If Ripple-enhanced, the attack becomes unblockable, and the shockwave deals more damage and spreads out even farther. 
    • Hand Grenade: Joseph can hold 2 charges; He lunges forward before dashing backwards. If he connects with any opponent, he will attach a bundle of grenades onto them, The resulting explosion can occur automatically after a set amount of time or manually activated if the activating button is pressed again, damaging anyone caught in radius. It will also set the target on fire and knock them into the air. If Ripple-enhanced, Joseph gains invincibility when attaching the grenades and the damage dealt is increased. 
    • Iron Ball Crossbow: Joseph can hold 3 charges; He loads a large crossbow and fires it, sending opponents flying with the heavy iron ball. If Ripple-enhanced, the ball is able to ricochet off a wall once. If Joseph is locked on, the ball will ricochet towards his target, otherwise flying towards the nearest opponent. 
    • 100% Wool Hat: Joseph can hold a single charge; He runs forward, leaving a trail of Ripple-infused wool string behind as a long, narrow trap. The string will remain for a considerable amount of time until an opponent steps on it; Opponents that touch the string are stunned and left open to further attacks. However, this will damage the string and cause it to undo itself. Joseph is able to salvage it by simply standing over it and inputting the activating input once more before it completely disappears. However, with the amount of time given to him to do so, Joseph must choose between attacking opponents caught by the trap or retrieving the string. If Ripple-enhanced, the trap remains in place for longer and Joseph is able to place a longer strand. 
  • EX - Clacker Boomerang/Clacker Volley: The Clacker Boomerang will receive a damage increase and guard break boost; Clacker Volley also gains a guard break boost, as well as an increase in execution speed. 
  • EX - A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!: All Items receive an increase to damage dealt, and additional damage will be added depending on how much of the Ripple Gauge is filled. 
Dual Heat Attacks
  • Solo - Ain't nothing the trickster loves more than a trick!: It works the same as the one from All-Star Battle
  • With Caesar - Dual Ripple!: The two start off by attacking the opponent from opposite sides with a series of Ripple-charged punches and kicks from Joseph and an array of Ripple-infused bubbles from Caesar, before Joseph invites Caesar to initiate the Positive/Negative Overdrive they used on Suzi Q to save her from from Esidisi's control, attacking the enemy from both sides with said move and shocking them with extreme power. 
  • With Lisa Lisa - This master and student's beat will cut you deep!: Running up to the opponent, Lisa Lisa strikes with multiple Ripple-powered kicks and a scarf swing, before Joseph ties up the opponent with a rope he had laid during her assault. They then channel a Ripple surge into the Red Stone of Aja, causing it to launch a deadly beam at the helpless opponent. 

If Caesar is paired with Joseph and falls in battle, a special animation will play where they recreate the scene involving Caesar's final words and creation of the blood bubble (which pops in an anti-climactic fashion shortly after conception), along with Joseph's iconic "CAESAAAR!!!" scream as tears stream down his face.

In Story Mode, Joseph uses a model that doesn't have Caesar's bandana. However, in other modes he will have Caesar's bandana on.

Similar to J-Stars Victory VS, Joseph's main color's scheme is based on his anime appearance.

Joseph gained a new alternate costume based on his disguise as a woman in Chapter 56. In this costume, Joseph performs his "feminine" speech from Episode 12 of the anime in various lines; interactions with other characters will also be altered, such as Caesar trying to not laugh towards Joseph, and Jolyne Cujoh criticizing his poor disguise.

Costumes & Tints

EOH Joseph Joestar Normal ABCD.png
Medal Costume.png Normal Costume
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Joseph's main Battle Tendency attire

EOH Joseph Joestar Normal ABCD.png
Medal Tint D.png Normal Costume
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Cover of Volume 11


Joseph EOH menu.png
  • Time to unleash my killer Clacker Volley!: Joseph must connect "Clacker Volley" . (200 Points) 
  • You think those chintzy Ripple powers are the only thing I've got in my repertoire?: Joseph must use "A Weapon with Overwhelming Advantages!" 3 times. (200 Points) 
  • I did it!: Joseph must turn a stage object into a trap 3 times. (300 Points) 
  • Grazie! Loggins!: Joseph must use any Ripple-enhanced skill five times. Any skill will count as long as he lands five of that same skill. (500 Points) 
  • This JoJo can predict anything!: Joseph must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points) 


He is paired with Dio Brando in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Caesar Zeppeli and Shigekiyo Yangu in the first round, but eliminated by Kars and Pet Shop in the second.




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