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Humans should spend their lives trying to attain "Heaven"[1] (人は「天国」に行くために、その人生を過ごすべきなのだ)

Enrico Pucci (エンリコ・プッチ, Enriko Putchi) with Whitesnake was confirmed as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven alongside Jolyne Cujoh, Ermes Costello, and Weather Report. Whitesnake is unable to evolve, unlike the previous game. As a result, his move set is primarily based around the powers and attacks demonstrated before his merging with the Green Baby. Whitesnake Pucci cannot be paired with his New Moon form.

As a Stand user, Pucci is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. Opponents hit by Pucci's various skills will be Sealed. While Sealed, they will randomly lose access to one of their skills. This effect can be applied multiple times, up to four; this translates to an opponent losing three of their normal skills and one of an EX skill. Also of note is that Pucci by default is immune to the effects of Weather Report's "The Devil's Rainbow! It's Heavy Weather!" skill.


  • Style Action - Whitesnake!: Pucci sends out Whitesnake to attack. This causes Whitesnake to temporarily detach from Pucci's control, not unlike a Stand Rush from All-Star Battle. After moving a certain distance, Whitesnake will perform a Normal Attack combo. Pucci may move around during this period, and can even attack in tandem with Whitesnake, but cannot use any attacks or skills that require his Stand. The progression of Whitesnake's combo can be influenced; Whitesnake will perform a two-step combo that knocks opponents down by default or if the movement stick is tilted downward, a three-step combo that knocks opponents into the air if the movement stick is tilted upward, and the full Normal Attack combo that sends opponents flying if the Normal Attack button is repeatedly pressed without moving. Whitesnake can even perform the normally-grounded attacks in mid-air whenever possible. Style Action can be re-inputted to cancel Whitesnake's attack, and activating a Flash Cancel, Flash Burst, or DHA will have the same effect.
  • DISC Icon: A small icon on the right side of Pucci's health gauge displays how many DISCs he has currently taken from his opponents; the icon automatically toggles between the two at intervals. DISCs will be in Pucci's possession until he is hard knocked down, causing a DISC containing all Sealed skills of a single opponent to drop in front of him. Pucci can retrieve the DISC to keep his opponents Sealed, or either opponent can pick it up and restore their lost skills. Opponents who are not Sealed can retrieve their partner's DISC for them.
  • I order you!: Pucci throws a DISC with homing capabilities as a projectile. If it connects with an opponent, the DISC will lodge itself in them and they will temporarily lose control of their actions for a few seconds. This causes them to either stand in place or walk in a random direction, vulnerable to further attacks. Quickly moving the movement stick around can shorten the time until control is regained.
  • USHOOOAAAAAA!: Whitesnake lashes out at in a barrage of 12 punches, sending opponents caught flying on the final hit.
  • It's mine!: Whitesnake swings forward, and if it connects, will take a single DISC from an opponent, leaving them crumpling. Pucci is invincible until the end of the move if the attack is successful.
  • It's an illusion.: Pucci and Whitesnake pose, and if struck by a non-DHA attack, they will counter the attacker by putting them under an illusion and teleporting behind them. Upon a successful counter, Whitesnake will take a single DISC from the opponent, and Pucci is invincible until the end of the move.
  • EX - It's mine!: Whitesnake steals two DISCs at once.
  • EX - It's an illusion.: Whitesnake steals two DISCs at once upon a successful counter.
  • Trait - Calm down... Count prime numbers and calm down...: When Pucci's health drops below 65% (or to his second health gauge), he will begin to count prime numbers with his thumb in his mouth in order to calm himself. This temporarily boosts his defense and decreases his Stamina depletion, represented by a green, gale-like aura around him.
  • Dual Heat Attack - So it was already done...: Identical to Pucci's HHA in All-Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity. This takes 2 DISCs at once.


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  • Whitesnake's range is just about 20 meters.: Pucci must use his Style Action twice. (200 Points)
  • Whitesnake! A DISC, if you would!!: Pucci must connect "I order you!" twice. (200 Points)
  • You were one move...too late...: Pucci must Backstab 3 times. (300 Points)
  • I've acquired everything...: Pucci must take a DISC from an opponent 4 times. (500 Points)
  • I shall bring you the total oblivion of death.: Pucci must Retire a Sealed opponent. (800 Points)

Pucci's original form does not appear in Story Mode, unlike THE WORLD Diego, and Part 4 and 6 Jotaro, all of whom briefly appear during the game's ending sequence. Instead, New Moon Pucci is the one to be involved in the game's storyline, set after his transformation and during the final battle at Cape Canaveral.


He is paired with Akira Otoishi in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Weather Report and Kosaku Kawajiri.




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