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I won't forgive you! You've "betrayed" my heart again![1] (ゆるさねえッ! あんたは今、再びッ! オレの心を「裏切った』ッ!)

Bruno Bucciarati (ブローノ・ブチャラティ, Burōno Bucharati) was confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside Diavolo and Trish Una, as both a playable character and a guide NPC.

As a Stand user, Bucciarati is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.


  • Style Action - Open, zipper!: Bucciarati summons Sticky Fingers to install a zipper on the ground. Opponents that step on the zippers will be paralyzed and left vulnerable to further attack. However, Bucciarati also has a secondary application for his placed zippers.
    • Zipper Icon: A small open zipper above Bucciarati's health gauge displays how many zippers he has active at a given time. He may have up to four zippers placed; assuming this Style Action is continuously used as soon as its cooldown period ends, the oldest zipper will expire before Bucciarati can place a fifth.
    • I'll finish you from afar!: If the Style Action button is held, Bucciarati places a zipper on the ground then enters it. This grants him invincibility and allows him to exit from any zipper he's already placed of the player's choosing, represented by anchor icons the player can select from. Bucciarati may travel between zippers from anywhere on the stage, regardless of distance, but will automatically choose the closest one if a destination zipper is not manually selected. This ability allows for quick escapes and inversely can be used to get closer to opponents just as quickly. If no other zipper is active, Bucciarati will simply come back out of the same zipper he entered. Upon his exit, he may also instantly cancel the skill with "Close, zipper!".
  • Saw it coming miles away!: Sticky Fingers creates a zipper on the ground, then spawns a second zipper which travels along the ground as a projectile-type attack. The moving zipper has homing capabilities and will automatically curve towards targets. If it connects, the zipper immediately opens up and Sticky Fingers will deliver a punch into the first zipper that comes out the other end to uppercut opponents high into the air. Bucciarati is vulnerable when performing this skill, as he must maintain the moving zipper. The zipper will also stop upon making contact with a wall or other obstacle.
  • ARI ARI ARI ARI: Sticky Fingers flies a short distance forward before attacking by rapidly punching 11 times. The final punch sends opponents flying, has a short delay, and causes the Stand to move even more forward. Upon the last punch being throw, Bucciarati can cancel the skill with his Style Action.
  • Disgraces like you screw up everything they do!: Bucciarati unzips his arm and delivers a long-range straight punch. The activating input may be held to further increase range. If the punch connects, Bucciarati then grabs his target and pulls them towards him, giving him the chance to attack first; He can cancel the punch into any other attack or skill.
  • Close, zipper!: Bucciarati rides a zipper placed on the ground at high speeds, similar to his Homing Dash. This move can be used for traversal or closing the distance on his targets, assisting in evasion through the former. The activating input can be held to increase the time and therefore distance he covers. While active, Bucciarati's stamina gauge quickly drains, and he will damage opponents he makes contact with. If his Homing Dash is inputted, Bucciarati will instantly change directions towards his target if locked-on, or to the closest opponent otherwise. He may also instantly cancel the skill with "I'll finish you from afar!" while moving.
    • In a similar fashion, and under a skill of the same name, Bucciarati is able to use his zippers to carry himself up to certain walls and columns around the stage. This grants him the ability to reach different areas of stages without needing to travel the conventional routes, or simply avoid attacks. Holding this activating button will allow him to climb higher, and he is able to attack from his vantage points.
  • EX - Saw it coming miles away!: The moving zipper's speed and homing capabilities are given a boost, and Bucciarati is granted super armor through the entire attack's duration.
  • EX - ARI ARI ARI ARI: Sticky Fingers throws 7 more punches, dealing more damage. Bucciarati is invincible until the attack begins and is granted super armor through the entire attack's duration thereafter.
  • Trait - A tiny stroke of fate that heaven allowed: When Bucciarati's health hits zero for the first time, he will be granted a portion of a health gauge to continue on with. Bucciarati is granted super armor on every action, such as activating skills, Normal and Powerful Attacks, Homing Dashes and Homing Dash Attacks, and his Style Action. Once his health drops to zero once more, Bucciarati will then be formally Retired.

Dual Heat Attacks

  • Solo - Arrivederci!: Identical to its performance in All-Star Battle, though executes faster for the sake of brevity.
  • With Giorno - Double Arrivederci: Giorno has Gold Experience punch the opponent away and onto the ground before Bucciarati has Sticky Fingers place a zipper on the ground. The zipper rapidly closes and the two ride it to close the distance on their target before they leap into the air. In unison, both Bucciarati and Giorno inform the opponent of their resolve before Sticky Fingers and Gold Experience pummel their target while letting out their Stand Cries. The two Stands glow with blue and golden auras, respectively, and finish their assault with a joint uppercut that sends the opponent high into the air, while both users bid them an "Arrivederci".

Bucciarati is given an alternate costume, based on his appearance as a child. His bangs are parted in the middle, and his hair lacks its usual accessories and top braid. He sports a simpler, more casual zipperless outfit consisting of a long, low cut v-neck shirt and open jacket over it, and wearing plain pants that do not have the spoon-like symbols that are signature to his default appearance.

Costumes & Tints

EOH Bruno Bucciarati Normal ABCD.png
Medal Costume.png Normal Costume
Unlock Condition

Unlocked by default


Bucciarati's main Vento Aureo attire


  • I'll finish you from afar.: Bucciarati must use "I'll finish you from afar!" 3 times. (200 Points)
  • How about it? My skills make you shiver, no?: Bucciarati must trap opponents using his Style Action twice. (200 Points)
  • If you can predict my movements, then...!: Bucciarati must connect "Saw it coming miles away!" 3 times. (300 Points)
  • So I gotta beat you, huh?: Bucciarati must successfully execute 5 Combo Breakers. (500 Points)
  • Arrivederci!: Bucciarati must Retire an opponent with a Dual Heat Attack. (800 Points)


He is paired with Trish in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. They defeated Diavolo and Joshu Higashikata in the first round, and Jotaro Kujo (Part 4) and Parallel World Diego in the second, being successfully introduced into the main branch. In the semifinals, they defeated Giorno and Mista in the first round but were ultimately eliminated by Jolyne Cujoh and Gyro Zeppeli in the second.



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